A Response to Rose

by the Reverend Mother
This is an answer to the comment left by Rose on my blogpost: Convention News, dated 2/27/10.

Dearest Rose,
Thank you for your comments. I appreciate that you took the time to respond. You seem to be coming from a presupposition that I can’t quite put my finger on, but it appears to be one that simply precludes accepting anything that is Christian in nature and makes your comments sound a bit random. Nonetheless, I will try to answer them in the order you made them.

–This country was not founded on Christianity – it is nice that you looked to historical information, which by the way is not factual, to prove your point. But please remember that there were indigenous peoples as well as other migrations long before the “Christians” as you would frame them “discovered” and “founded” this country.–

1. There absolutely were ‘indigenous’ people here – what was their country founded on? By the time America was founded Europeans had been here for 150 years. Not exactly a Johnny-come-lately group.

–In addition, those who founded this country were not necessarily Christian (for example, read a bit more about Thomas Jefferson and his deist beliefs)–

1. True, not all of the founders were confessing Christians. But they lived in a culture that governed itself by Christian principles. And so they were also constrained by those principles. Please see the Thomas Jefferson quote below.

— or further….recognize that Patrick Henry is not even proven (or even likely) to have said the two pieces of “evidence” you quoted.–

1. I only used one, not two, quotes and you’re absolutely correct, I did not track down the provenance of that quote until today and it looks like no one ever said it. There are so-called Christians who make-up, or do not investigte the veracity of the quotes they use. I apologize for doing the same, because I do not want to be counted among that number.

2. To make up for my blunder I humbly offer the following quotes:

“The general principles upon which the Fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity.” John Adams

“Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” John Jay

“God governs in the affairs of man. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid? We have been assured in the Sacred Writings that except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. I firmly believe this. I also believe that, without His concurring aid, we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel” Benjamin Franklin

“The fundamental basis of this nation’s laws was given to Moses on the Mount. The fundamental basis of our Bill of Rights comes from the teachings we get from Exodus and Saint Matthew, from Isaiah and Saint Paul. I don’t think we emphasize that enough these days. If we don’t have a proper fundamental moral background, we will finally end up with a totalitarian government which does not believe in rights for anybody except the State.”  Woodrow Wilson quoting Harry S. Truman.

“The God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift from God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever.” Thomas Jefferson

“We recognize no Sovereign but God, and NO King but Jesus!” John Hancock

“Why is it that, next to the birthday of the Savior of the world, your most joyous and most venerated festival returns on this day [the Fourth of July]?” “Is it not that, in the chain of human events, the birthday of the nation is indissolubly linked with the birthday of the Savior?   “That it forms a leading event in the progress of the Gospel dispensation? Is it not that the Declaration of Independence first organized the social compact on the foundation of the Redeemer’s mission upon earth? That it laid the cornerstone of human government upon the first precepts of Christianity”? John Quincy Adams

–Despite the quotes you recognized as your great evidence to support your prayers that may have excluded other beliefs you also fail to recognize the context-and potentially accurate language-in which they were actually discussed, and also failed to acknowledge that it would be very ironic that the the same Mr. Henry had actually spoken of a “nation” that afforded “peoples of other faiths” the “freedom of worship.” actually said these quotes in the first place. Please open your mind, love, and your world to others and their beliefs rather than judging…..it would be as Jesus would have wanted it.-

1. Again, I only used one quote, so I am unsure what you are saying here by ‘quotes’.

2. How did I exclude other beliefs? Did I not make it clear with my ersatz quote that I wanted to be inclusive?

3. I think you are saying that I took a quote that doesn’t exist out of context. I am unsure how to answer that, but if you want to discuss the above quotes and their contexts, I would be willing.

4. A nation that actually was Christian would be a safe place for people of other faiths to practice their beliefs. Because you know what Jesus would have wanted, by your own admission, I am persuaded that you understand that Christianity requires us to let our neighbors dwell peaceably beside us.

Night Hens, Diva + 1 with 100% less Moose. Now with Video

The Night Hens: the Mall Diva (plus the “half-baked cupcake” but no Moose), Tiger Lilly and Reverend Mother (plus special guest, the Night Writer (the Rooster), heading to breakfast along with RM’s new Macbook with webcam.

RM: I have a bone to pick with you, Mall Diva. When you come in you just leave your shoes right where you stood, in the middle of the rug, like you’re the only one who lives here. You don’t even leave a path for me to walk on. You’re going to find your shoes in the snow bank next time.

MD: Not just kicked downstairs?

RM: Nope. In a snowbank. And full of snow.

TL: [says something provoking]

MD: [to TL] You’re a dork.

TL: Hey! I’m not a dork, I have an excess of personality!

MD: [scoffs]

TL: Mom! Mall Diva’s being intolerant of my personality!

MD: Mom! Tiger Lilly’s being intolerant if my intolerance!

The Rooster: The road to hell is paved with tolerance.

RM: Ooooh, that’s good.

Half-baked Cupcake: [punch]

MD: Now you settle down in there!

TL: I’m watching you, baby.

HBCC: [kick]

MD: Stop provoking it!

At the Bad Waitress cafe in Minneapolis. The group fills out their own orders on the order pad and NW takes it to the counter.

Rooster: The other night we ate at the Melting Pot where they charge you big bucks … and you cook your own food in the fondue. Now we come here at we have to be our own waitress? Hey, do you think there’s a bar somewhere where you can be your own bartender?

MD: We’re hungry! We want pancakes, now!!! Let’s do the pancake dance!!!

TL: Is it working?

MD: Nope….

TL: Then I guess we’ll just have to resort to… THIS!!!


TL: Back to what we were doing — the boss monologue from Portal!

Technical difficulties, please stand by.


MD: Hey! When you come out of there, I’m washing your mouth out with soap! No more reading Eckernet for you!

HBCC: [meek silence] …

MD: I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous!

TL: I’d give my left arm, but I need my right one!

Rooster: Here comes the Bad Bouncer. Time to go.

Convention News

By the Reverend Mother
Today I had the honor of performing a pastoral function by offering the invocation at the 39A convention in West St. Paul. I enjoy invoking things. Here’s what I said:

I read an article yesterday written by someone who believed that it was time to work to see that prayers would not be made before civic meetings such as the one here today, because someone who has a different belief system might be offended.

Then I located this quote by Patrick Henry given in May 1765 to the House of Burgesses.

“It cannot be emphasized too clearly and too often that this nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason, peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.”

By being here today you have said that you are willing to serve your community. You are acting on the commandment that God has given us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Your work here is to make sure that your neighbor is kept free to do those things that God requires of him unhindered by oppressive government intervention. I commend you for your willingness to fulfill this civic duty.

Dear Father in Heaven,
You are great and your name is full of power. We understand that the government is on your shoulders, so we humble ourselves and submit ourselves to you. Today Lord, these ones have gathered themselves to serve their neighbors in the area of civil government. I ask Lord that you would grant unto them a spirit of wisdom and revelation, that the eyes of their understanding would be enlightened, that they might know the hope of your calling. Lord we desire to take every prudent measure to ward off impending judgment, but we do not place our confidence in the measures we take, but in you Lord, who are the ruler of the armies of heaven. Father, we know from your word that the wisest human counsel is but foolishness, so we ask for your whole blessing on us and these proceedings.
In Jesus name.

What was really pleasing was to look out at the conventioneers and see people nodding their heads. It’s always nice to have affirmations.

Merry Christmas from The Sly One

Bacon Explosions and Rats 018

Yeah, I got out finally.  So, the Reverend Mother is making this bacon thingy and she sends the new guy out for barbecue sauce which she conveniently forgot to buy. Sounds like a fool’s errand to me. Where’s he gonna get barbecue sauce on Christmas day. Yeah, cause everyone celebrates their savior’s birth by barbecuing something. He’ll probably be gone the rest of the day searching for that. That Rev. Mother is really smart. She effectively eliminated him from the day’s festivities. I like the way she thinks.

Many are Called, Few are Chosen


Sly the rat

Listen up, you humans. I don’t have much time because when they find me up here they’re gonna put me back in that cage. I doooooooooon’t wanna go!  Yeah, that’s right, it’s Sly. Yes, rats know how to type and use the intertube, but most of us can’t get access. Anyway, the deal is I’m gonna tell you what’s really goes on around here. I admit this is a pretty good gig but they could feed me more. What do they think? Like I can’t smell all those things they’re eating when my cage is right inside the door from the kitchen. Why don’t they just hand some over who cares how much the rat weighs! Come on I’m a rat!  What else do I have to live for. I happen to know that aren’t any boys around because when I manage to get out I run all over looking for some and I’ve never found one no not one. It’s probably for the best because there’s barely enough food for me.

So here’s the deal. There’s a bunch of people living here and most of em are OK. There are two ugly birds also in a cage, on the other side of the room, and when they manage to get out all heck breaks loose. They go everywhere and by go you know what I mean. Anyway most of the human are like I said, OK. There’s a new guy who used to only be here once in a while and now they can’t seem to get rid of him. I don’t like him he swats at me and doesn’t give me any treats. I chew his clothes when I manage to get time on the outside. There’s lots of girl humans and they like me. Human girl 1 gives me warm oatmeal almost every morning but not enough and then most days she leaves the house. Human girl 2 who looks almost like girl 1 go figure, she likes me a lot and takes me out ocassionally and compliments me but she could give me more treats. Human girl 3 has the weirdest hair and acts really funny and pretends to be a ninja at least I think she’s pretending, but I like her because she gives me food and takes me out and lets me chew run around on the couch. Then there’s this really big human who’s not here much which is too bad because even though he’s really scary he gives me food. So like I said it’s a pretty good gig at least when I’m not fasting but I overhear some crazy stuff sometimes and noooooooooo, I’m not finished  ..    .    .    .  …   .   .

Mrs. Worley, et al. Goes to Washington

By Reverend Mother

Last night at approximately 10:30 Mall Diva, Tiger Lilly, Princess Flickerfeather and a good friend of the family, whom we will call Mrs. Lotti, left So. St. Paul headed for Washington. Monday evening Faith heard a radio interview in which Michele Bachmann urged citizens to gather a group and be at the National Mall Thursday noon for a rally to protest health care “reform” and then visit their congressmen to make their wishes known concerning the upcoming vote. Faith rose to the challenge by gathering her usual suspects, plus one, and driving off into the night. They will arrive in Waynesboro, PA tonight, crash at the house of a cousin and head for DC in the morning. Nightwriter has urged them to speak truth to indifference. They left their guns at home.

Just received a text message from the (National) Mall Diva: “We’re going into the Capitol!” (Thursday, 1 p.m. CST).

I wonder if she got the pitchfork through the metal detector?


I texted the Mall Diva to see how things went at the Capitol and whether I needed to send “lawyers, guns and money.” Her text reply:

Send lawyers, guns, money and men in white coats! These politicians are crazy! But I got my pic taken with Michele Bachmann!

Story here.

My Ninja-Tough Daughter

by the Reverend Mother

The following is an actual conversation. It was not changed to protect anyone.

RM: Some of the young mothers from church want to know if you’d like to earn some money babysitting. They’re going to start getting together to educate their older kids and need someone to watch the tiny ones a couple of hours  a week. Are you interested?

TL: Would I have to change Cyrus’ diapers?

RM: Yes, you would.

TL: Ewwwwwe.

RM: Well, you know, . . . shit happens.


I’m sorry, I know I’m a minister and everything but how could I resist? It was just too easy.

Hello from Cathorla (Cazorla)

Z is the th sound here, so when you say the name of the town it sounds like you´re lisping.

We arrived without incident yesterday and we have been very busy ever since. We are talking to Spaniards all day long to help them improve their English. Now is the end of our first full day and we are exhausted. It´s only ten o´clock and they like us to stay up until one and visit with our Spanish friends but I am going to disobey and go to bed.

The surroundings are beautiful and the food is great. We will put up some photos soon.

¡Vaya con Dios!

A Good Walk

by the Reverend Mother

Almost every morning I walk for exercise. It’s enjoyable to walk when it’s still early. The air smells wonderful, there’s not a great deal of traffic (when is there a lot of traffic in SSP?), and it makes a peaceful start to my day. Some days I see interesting things. My route occasionally takes me through two cemeteries which are located across the street from each other. This morning I saw two noteworthy tombstones:

What happened here?
Did he disappear? Did he marry someone else and is now buried beside that person? Is he still alive?

How about this?

What does it say? What language is this? This guy didn’t live long, but he had an interesting name. Small consolation.

Then I found a folding knife, the kind that TL favors, down by Vets field. I picked it up and took it with me but I got to thinking how I didn’t really care to have it and TL has enough knives, in my opinion. The person it belongs to might come looking for it and the only chance they have of getting it back is if it stays where they dropped it. I turned aound and put it back where it had been. Hopefully, everyone else will leave it there as well and the owner will find it again.

That’s the report from today’s walk. Tune in again for an occasional, exciting walk report.

The Night Hens: Kevin Revisited

by the Night Hens

I hope you all remember a couple months ago when we did a Night Hens about Kevin. Here’s part 2:

Kevin Revisited
The sequel to Regarding Kevin.

RM: (referring to the cold coffee) This is good, but I don’t find it quite as satisfying as the hot coffee.
TL: I hope that semi-cute guy in the white shirt doesn’t think we’re stalking him or something, cuz we have to keep an eye on the bikes that just happen to be behind him.
RM: It’s funny to watch this guy’s facial expressions who’s sitting right outside the window. He laughs to himself and yawns a lot.
TL: He must be plotting world domination.
RM: I don’t think so. I think he’s a terrorist.
TL: World domination. Is he a terrifying terrorist?
RM: He’s not too terrifying, he has a purse. Oh, and now he has a waffle with whipped cream and a strawberry on top!
TL: The horror!! The horror!!! It’s too much for my delicate sensibilities.
RM: He looks rather self satisfied, though.
My legs are cold. Don’t your long jeans get caught in your bike chain?
TL: *shakes head, mouth full of banana chocolate chip muffin* That was delicious.
RM: Cold press coffee is good, but it makes me cold.
TL: Really?
RM: Yeah.
TL: Did you expect anything different?
RM: I didn’t know that cold-press coffee was cold coffee. I’m going to the bathroom.
TL: Amazing. That is superbly extraordinary. *plays Solitaire*

RM: Did anything funny happen while I was gone?
TL: Nope.
RM: I think the terrorist is taking a personality quiz.
TL: What makes you think that?
RM: He’s scratching his head and writing things — well, maybe he’s just taking a test. There’s a piece of paper with questions on it. He writes things down and grins. It’s making me a little nervous.
Now he’s on the phone with his leader in the Taliban.
He keeps calling people and then writing down answers! He’s saying, ‘Do you think I’m really like this?’ and they say, ‘No, you’re actually like this.’ He’s going through a period of self examination. Really intense self examination.
I ate that whole gosh darn muffin. Probably had a thousand calories. It’s the last thing I can eat today.
TL: The terrorist influenced you to eat it.
RM: Probably. He wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if his back was facing us.
TL: I wonder if he’s in league with the ninja cows.
RM: It doesn’t look like he’s been up close and personal with a cow. Ninja or otherwise. After all, he’s got a black leather bag. I don’t think the cows would appreciate that.
TL: It must be his cover.
RM: So he’s pretending to be something he’s not. Ooh! He just took a huge bite of waffle!
TL: He’s so dastardly!
RM: Yeah, he looks really dastardly with his purse and the way he has his napkin tucked into his shirt.
TL: He’s so uncivilized.
RM: I’d love to know what he’s reading.
TL: Probably “World Domination For Dummies”.
RM: He’s nodding like he’s agreeing with whatever it is he’s reading. The poor guy.
TL: Why do you say that?
RM: Well, he’s the victim of our intense scrutiny and presuppositions.
TL: Whatever he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.
RM: Unless he reads this post.
TL: He wouldn’t know that it’s him.
RM: Mr Dark and Curly Haired Man Who Has A Purse And A Fake Fountain Pen. I could take his picture with my phone.
TL: Yeah, like he wouldn’t notice that.
RM: *snaps a casual picture while looking like she is adjusting the settings*
TL: Very covert.
RM: He got up and left as soon as I took his picture.
TL: Toldja.
RM: He left his waffle and his paper here. I could grab them both, eat his waffle, and read his paper!
TL: ‘Where’s my stuff?!?!’ *mimes eating waffle secretly*
I just won at Solitaire with 520 points.
RM: He just held the door open for somebody who was coming in. I guess he can’t be all bad. Even terrorists can be polite.
TL: ‘I’m sorry, but I feel I must terrorize you. Is that alright with you?’
RM: He’s in here getting coffee. He left his purse on the table. Tsk tsk.
Wanna try some cold coffee?
TL: Nope.
RM: He’s reading his paper and giggling to himself now!
Okay, we should go.