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Category Archives: Nights on the Road

By the time I get to Phoenix

by the Night Writer So, last July I started the planning for my company’s semi-annual conference for our key clients. We were in the middle of the heat of summer, and our minds were full of sun and sand as we selected a resort in the desert near Scottsdale, AZ for our February conference. I […]

Mrs. Worley, et al. Goes to Washington

By Reverend Mother Last night at approximately 10:30 Mall Diva, Tiger Lilly, Princess Flickerfeather and a good friend of the family, whom we will call Mrs. Lotti, left So. St. Paul headed for Washington. Monday evening Faith heard a radio interview in which Michele Bachmann urged citizens to gather a group and be at the National Mall […]

Sliding home

by the Night Writer Here are all the slide shows from our trip to Spain, consolidated in one post (including the new slideshows of Cazorla and Madrid). Some of the photos will be familiar from posts I put up while we were over there, pre-slideshow. All the Cazorla slides, however, came from our friends who […]

Adventures in Eating, Part 3: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly…

by Tiger Lilly …well, this is the good, anyway. For the bad and the ugly, see my previous Adventures In Dining post. When in Rome Madrid (or Barcelona), eat what the Madridians (or Barcelonians) eat. This was a delicious pizza. I ate most of it. I was trying to cut it into slices, but then […]

My hovercraft is full of eels

by the Night Writer …or, as they’d say in Catalan, the official language of Barcelona, “El meu aerolliscador està ple d’anguiles.” Knowing that Castillian Spanish wasn’t necessarily welcome in Catalunya (Catalonia) was one of the things that I was aware of before traveling to Spain. There were other things I was kind of aware of, […]

Barcelona is gaudy, I mean, Gaudi

by the Night Writer The last few days of our trip were spent in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, or Catalunya as it is referred to in Spain. It seemed to me that Barcelona has a more cosmopolitan feel than Madrid and is very focused on art and culture. Mere function isn’t enough when designing […]

Adventures In Dining, Part 2: Squid, Liver, and Seafood, Oh My!!!

by Tiger Lilly While we were in Spain, I had some … interesting, shall we say, experiences in food. We went out with a few of Mom and Dad’s friends from their branch of Pueblo Ingles. It’s usual for restaurants in Spain to serve complimentary bread. Bread is good. Bread is very good. One of […]

Segovia, the magical kingdom

by the Night Writer One day while we were still in Madrid we decided to take a day trip to nearby city of Segovia, once the seat of the Spanish kings and the site of an ancient but still functioning Roman aqueduct. Segovia is a little more than 60 miles from Madrid and can be […]

Achmed, the Good-As-Dead Terrorist

by Tiger Lilly We went to the Mediterranean Sea today. The water was warm, surprisingly enough, and the waves were… happy. In fact, they inspired a poem: Ah, the blue of the sea I am floating in a cloud of dreams I am one with the– WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?! Okay, so Dad wrote […]

Madrid is the Mall of the World

by the Night Writer Minnesota may be home to the Mall of America, but Madrid at night has to be the Mall of the World, especially on the weekends. Dinner is served very late here by American standards, often not until 9 p.m. (and may go on for a couple of hours) and when dinner […]

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