My Ninja-Tough Daughter

by the Reverend Mother

The following is an actual conversation. It was not changed to protect anyone.

RM: Some of the young mothers from church want to know if you’d like to earn some money babysitting. They’re going to start getting together to educate their older kids and need someone to watch the tiny ones a couple of hours  a week. Are you interested?

TL: Would I have to change Cyrus’ diapers?

RM: Yes, you would.

TL: Ewwwwwe.

RM: Well, you know, . . . shit happens.


I’m sorry, I know I’m a minister and everything but how could I resist? It was just too easy.

3 thoughts on “My Ninja-Tough Daughter

  1. Thanks, Mom. Your lack of protection makes me feel very secure. However, just wait until I spill all your ‘backsliding’ secrets. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

  2. Hmmmmm. Maybe I just better spill the beans right now. My children consider it “backsliding” when I say something like: “I don’t feel like going to prayer tonight.”
    Please note: They never go.

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