Merry Christmas from The Sly One

Bacon Explosions and Rats 018

Yeah, I got out finally.  So, the Reverend Mother is making this bacon thingy and she sends the new guy out for barbecue sauce which she conveniently forgot to buy. Sounds like a fool’s errand to me. Where’s he gonna get barbecue sauce on Christmas day. Yeah, cause everyone celebrates their savior’s birth by barbecuing something. He’ll probably be gone the rest of the day searching for that. That Rev. Mother is really smart. She effectively eliminated him from the day’s festivities. I like the way she thinks.

One thought on “Merry Christmas from The Sly One

  1. Foolish rat. I have powers that your little rat brain can’t begin to imagine. Christmas BBQ sauce? Done. Bacon Explosion? It shall be mine!!!

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