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Category Archives: Night Games

Shine on you crazy diamond

by the Night Writer Son@Night and I attended our first Twins game at the new Target Field on Monday. I’d been looking forward to it since we bought the tickets a couple of months ago, and felt some excitement as we approached the stadium, so I was a surprised to find myself feeling a little […]

(Out of) Town Ball

by the Night Writer One evening last summer I was heading back to the Cities from Red Wing when I decided to take the Hwy. 61 route to Hwy. 50 and bypass downtown Hastings. In doing so I passed through the little town of Miesville and there, in the gloaming, was a little jewel of […]

Happier Opening Day

by the Night Writer It was Opening Day for the new Twins ballpark today, and it sounds as if it was a great experience for everyone. I couldn’t be at the game, but I work a few blocks from the new stadium and got to watch the fly-over by the F-16s. I can recall a […]

If you’ve got the stones…

by the Minfidel World-class curlers (and no, I’m not talking about the Mall Diva and her profession) can come from all over the globe but the sliding stones used in the sport can only be found in one place: Apparently, there is a very special kind of granite needed to make the hefty stones that […]

No need to spin this

by the Night Writer It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but there is considerable brouhaha in the PGA where one pro, Scott McCarron, has essentially accused other pros, most prominently Phil Mickelson, of cheating by using illegal clubs. The issue stems from the PGA’s new rule this year outlawing clubs […]

You Want New? We Got New!

by Son@Night Q. What do you get when you cross a pastoral intern and a hairstylist? bookmark to:

Please, don’t anyone tell Richard Simmons

While my passion for the NFL and Fantasy Football have waned a bit, my love for golf remains strong and I’m looking forward to warmer weather and being able to play again. I’ll still enjoy it even now that I know it’s good for me. I came across this story the other day about a […]

Hey, Mr. Fantasy…

Well, the Vikings are through for the year — only one week later than expected — and I watched 15 1/2 of their games this season. Not a bad percentage for a football fan, I suppose, but what I find somewhat amazing is all the non-Viking games I didn’t watch this year. I used to […]

Troy eager to drop Childress

Ex-Vikings “receiver” Troy Williamson says he’s still mad at the way Coach Brad Childress treated him and wants to “duke it out” with Childress at this weekend’s Vikings/Jaquars game (Williamson now sits for the Jags). Williamson, now in Jacksonville, said Wednesday he lost respect for his former coach last year and would like to “duke […]

Only 40 shopping days left

Peter at Half a World Away discovered an amazing product in an airline shopping magazine during one of his recent trips from half of the world to the other: the Potty Putter. And if the name isn’t enough to pique your interest or close the sale, here’s the text from the ad: You know those […]

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