Hello from Cathorla (Cazorla)

Z is the th sound here, so when you say the name of the town it sounds like you´re lisping.

We arrived without incident yesterday and we have been very busy ever since. We are talking to Spaniards all day long to help them improve their English. Now is the end of our first full day and we are exhausted. It´s only ten o´clock and they like us to stay up until one and visit with our Spanish friends but I am going to disobey and go to bed.

The surroundings are beautiful and the food is great. We will put up some photos soon.

¡Vaya con Dios!

6 thoughts on “Hello from Cathorla (Cazorla)

  1. Did you say “it’s ONLY 10 o’ clock”? Shouldn’t you have been in bed long ago? And do they know who they’re asking to stay up until 1 (a.m., right)?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    Bring me lots of presents!

  2. No enchiladas or rellenos, but we are eating very well. Lunch today was our choice of gazpacho or a savory lentil soup, followed by a choice of broiled haik or veal in honey sauce. I had swordfish last night and the desserts have been light but delicious (the flan in chocolate sauce last night was great). Perhaps later this week we will eat the rooster that has been crowing early every morning!

  3. About the staying up late thing, knowing in advance that I was going to have to stay up late, I planned to use the time change thing to my advantage and begin a new regiman of getting up later and staying up later. So far, so good, except we are working so hard that by about ten I am very tire, but last night I did stay up until 11:30. Pretty amazing for me.

    We are quite engaged mentally, so the time passes easily. By the end of the week we should be exhausted.

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