A Good Walk

by the Reverend Mother

Almost every morning I walk for exercise. It’s enjoyable to walk when it’s still early. The air smells wonderful, there’s not a great deal of traffic (when is there a lot of traffic in SSP?), and it makes a peaceful start to my day. Some days I see interesting things. My route occasionally takes me through two cemeteries which are located across the street from each other. This morning I saw two noteworthy tombstones:

What happened here?
Did he disappear? Did he marry someone else and is now buried beside that person? Is he still alive?

How about this?

What does it say? What language is this? This guy didn’t live long, but he had an interesting name. Small consolation.

Then I found a folding knife, the kind that TL favors, down by Vets field. I picked it up and took it with me but I got to thinking how I didn’t really care to have it and TL has enough knives, in my opinion. The person it belongs to might come looking for it and the only chance they have of getting it back is if it stays where they dropped it. I turned aound and put it back where it had been. Hopefully, everyone else will leave it there as well and the owner will find it again.

That’s the report from today’s walk. Tune in again for an occasional, exciting walk report.

8 thoughts on “A Good Walk

  1. I doubt Ilie is still alive. 134? Unlikely to have gone to WWII either, since he would have been in his 70s. If he’d gone to the Great War, or died in the Influenza epidemic, there would have been a note even if he were buried elsewhere. My guess is second wife.

    Czech or Polish is my guess for the second stone.

  2. I bet some crows came around behind you and made off with the knife. Great, as if we need crows with weapons! What if that one that tried to ambush you by dropping a stick on yourr head gets its handsclaws on a knife?

  3. Hmmm, or imagine what might happen if a rat got a knife. Now that might be… interesting.

  4. i’m thinkin TL might be taking a walk in the morning to look for that knife.

    first stone: poor guy probably died soon after his wife did, when he got the next months credit card bills, and there was no money left to etch his name on the stone.

  5. The language looks like Romulan to me. Actually, it’s Croatian. I googled the phrase and came up with a link to a news story that had it almost exactly the same in an obituary. I tried posting the link here, but it was too long.

  6. Dave, when you want to post a link in one of these comments simply type the word you want to use as a hyperlink, then hit the “Link” tab immediately above the box and paste the url string in the window that appears.

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