Nights to Remember (best of)

* — indicates personal favorites

The Revolution has begun
Braveheart, 2010: Boehner as Robert the Bruce to Bachmann’s William Wallace?
Of golden chains and gilded gags
The old man gets rubbed out
*With arms wide open
Your bright baby blues
*Grandfather’s Day
Running with the storm
Grilling at the Graybar Hotel
It’s in the game
Too cynical? Yeah, right
Walking the walk
The Auschwitz Album
Which connection I should cut
The circle, and bread, of life
Sergeant York in his own words
Songs of innocence and experience
Going My Way, Or the Highway, Part 1
Going My Way, Or the Highway, Part 2

Of bubbles, bread, seeds and cookies
*Wondering where the lions are
*The Greatest “De-Generation”?
Comment Policy
More than a feeling
Road Construction Season
On poverty and the fat of the land
Learn the lessons
And back again
*The rain keeps its own sweet time
I don’t want to go on the cart
Leaving the church
Return from captivity
You can hear me now

No offense
The difference between men and women: #436
Of friendship, and courtship
Filings: Red hot secrets of romance
Driving in the snow
*Of isms, schism, colloquialisms
Left. Right. Left. Right. Marching towards what?
Unto the next generation
*A question of, or about, faith (or Faith)
*At the turn
One reason why I blog
Are you marriageable?
I need you to do something for me, and for them
*Out with the boys
Gone into the night
The zero lottery
What a Dad’s to do
You’re so Favre, I bet you think this post is about you
*Filings: Man on the street
Fish House Economics: bail-outs and eelpouts
The perspicacity of hope
A little romance
*Area couple enjoys abstinence
Return to Sderot
Just desserts in an appetizer world
*A Balm in Gilead, part 3: children

*A Balm in Gilead, part 1: life and death
*A Balm in Gilead, part 2: wife
Hero survives one attack; is ambushed by another
*In my father’s house, conclusion
*In my father’s house, part 3
*In my father’s house, part 2
*In my father’s house, part 1
Loving your neighbor in Inver Grove Heights
Bring the pain(t)
*The bridges of Minneapolis and San Luis Rey, and the tower of Siloam
On his last (stubby) legs
At home in the dome
Dying easy, II
Filings: NSF
Herb Carneal
Stop Children, What’s That Sound

Cowboy Song
Democrats say “Your Mommy…”
Oh, Stranger, Where Art Thou?
Filings: With Love and Respect
Timothy, Mary Jane’s Cousin
Filings: Did Allah Fall Off the Throne?
Flight and Fight

Forever Autumn
What in the Samhain is Going On?
The Greatest Generations
Rounding Third and Heading for Home, It’s a Brown-eyed, Handsome Man (Farewell to Kirby Puckett)

under construction

Love, and the Difference Between Being a Friend and Being Friendly
A South Dakota Flashback on a Missouri Drive
Charlotte’s Web: When the State Decides if Your Baby Lives or Dies
My Head in Her Hands, and a Wistful Mr. Henri Looks Back
Here There Be Vampires
A Night at the Prom
*A Hard Lesson
Licensed to Thrill Gophers by the Government of the United Nations
Seen Any Coupons for Cardiologists?
A Beast in the Night
*A Thought, Embedded in a Dream, Wrapped in a Fantasy
Remembrance Day
21st Century British Healthcare
Night in the Emergency Room
Duty is Ours. Results are God’s
Dad to the Bone

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