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Category Archives: Spirit in the Night

10 years ago, and 10 years on

by the Night Writer Ten years ago I wasn’t blogging, but I was writing. On Sunday, September 16 I published the first essay below -  “When the Towers Fall” – in the monthly handout I prepared for our men’s ministry at church. It was based on my observations of the past few days and the […]

All our best

by the Night Writer As with Job, that which I have feared came upon me. Today was the day that had long been foretold and expected; my oldest daughter’s last day in our church. I had originally had a vision of this day coming about 11 years ago, and 18 months ago we had had […]

The reason for grandchildren

by the Night Writer Down among the reeds and rushes A baby boy was found His eyes as clear as centuries His silky hair was brown Never been lonely Never been lied to Never had to scuffle in fear Nothing denied to Born at the instant The church bells chime And the whole world whispering […]

The old man gets rubbed out

by the Night Writer When I was younger my athletic endeavors gravitated toward the whacking and smacking games like football and hockey. Even when I played the more “finesse” games like soccer and basketball, my style tended to be more physical; in all games I was never going to be the one to make the […]

The fight of your life

by the Night Writer Pastor Earl showed this video last weekend at Inside Outfitters. You coud say it was a powerful message for the group since many who attend are dealing with substance abuse of one kind or another. But Inside Outfitters isn’t about overcoming substance abuse, or just for men bedeviled by drugs or […]

Grilling at the Graybar Hotel

by the Night Writer A little over a year ago I started going down to the Red Wing Correctional Facility a couple of times a month to host a chapel service for the men. Red Wing is primarily a youth facility, referred to by Bob Dylan in his song “The Walls of Red Wing”, but […]

Another “hands-on” experience

by the Night Writer Earlier in the week I posted a link to a talk I presented last month to the Inside Outfitters group about the need and benefits of living with an open hand (my part starts about five minutes into the podcast). In the talk I shared several of my experiences over the […]

The Sunday shuffle

by the Night Writer I can’t say how it is that my mental juke box goes about selecting a song to be in my head when I wake up in the morning, but invariably I have one. Sometimes it’s a song I heard the day before, so that’s easy to explain, but most of the […]

Which connection I should cut

by the Night Writer Earlier I posted about the time the godly hole got punched in the wall of my world-view. It was a dramatic example, but not necessarily the first time God tried to get my attention. Looking back now I can see numerous nudges, nods, winks and taps on the shoulder when I […]

The circle, and bread, of life

by the Night Writer Like a big fist pounding on my door, I never felt such a love before… – Bruce Cockburn Sunday thoughts. In church this morning we were exhorted, during the singing portion, to remember that with a shout the walls will come down. “The wall” in this case being whatever is standing […]

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