Huzzah for Freedom!

by Son@Night

Goodness, it’s a posting extravaganza around here!  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

In these times of Democratic Party/lobotomized monkey control of government, it’s easy to get a bit cranky.  But shooting monkeys, lobotomized or otherwise, is illegal and morally wrong.  And so I’m thankful for positive, fact-based, friendly explanations of what is going on.  Heck, this video isn’t even political.  It just succinctly makes the case for economic freedom.

Well for the love of corn…  This whole embedding thing is problematic for an Iowegian.  Here’s the link to the video.  Two and half minutes of great stuff that you’ve probably already seen on Facebook.  Oh yeah.

An Appeal to the Red-Headed Girl

by Sly the family rat

Things can fall apart so quickly.  The Vikings went from the verge of the Super Bowl one year to the deflation of the Metrodome being the highlight of their next season.  The Byzantine emperor Justinian painstakingly reasserted the territorial sovereignty of the Roman Empire only for it to slip away like sand after his death.  After the departure of Tom Wopat and John Schneider the Dukes of Hazzard fizzled faster than a redneck could shout, “Yee-ha!”

Well, I’ll stop beating around the bush.  A rat, namely me, passes from this mortal coil one week, and all of a sudden Anorexsticks Inaneymous goes from being a regular feature to not getting published this Monday.  What’s with that?  Was I the only thing holding this thing together?  Can the red-headed girl not find the time to put some sticks together to make people laugh?  What is this world coming to?

Here’s a suggestion.  Think of another theme.  Say, a farmer baby, or an angel rat, or nefarious cows trying to kidnap the farmer baby, or whatever.  Then make the world laugh.  For the love of filthy vermin everywhere, Anorexsticks must continue!!!!

A Post!

by Son@Night

Patience was complaining the other day that she’s been carrying the load around here.  She may be my adversary, but she’s probably right on that one.  So as a nod to the good ol’ days (Was it Bogus Doug who always did these things?), here’s a little quiz.

Your true political self:

You are a
Social Moderate
(56% permissive)

and an…

Economic Conservative
(80% permissive)

You are best described as a:


You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness.

NW threatened to kick me out of the house when I told him I was “socially moderate.”  He saw reason when I explained that my libertarian leanings skewed that score.  Good thing too, because the rent is pretty “moderate.”

Take the test here if you so desire.

Pity Me

by Sly the Family Rat

What we’ve learned in the past 48 hours: everybody forgets about Sly the family rat when guests come.  What is so endearing about a big, hairless rat anyway?  Sniff. I am a sad rat.

Spring Break! (part one)

by Son@Night

Faith and I just got back from a week’s vacation. We spent the first part of it in Chicago. Writing posts in prose is tough these days, but here are some pictures that tell the story.

"Faith, keep your eyes on the road!"

Our road trip vacation started with a drive across Wisconsin. "Faith! Keep your eyes on the road!"

The river turns green in Chicago on St. Patrick's Day.

We saw the river turned green in Chicago on St. Patrick's Day. We also saw inebriated people driving around the city. Not cool.

We were in a long line for the show, but got a picture with Kurt Elling.

We were in a long line for a concert, but got a picture with Grammy winning Jazz singer Kurt Elling when I recognized him arriving in a taxi.

We waited for about 90 minutes in the rain to get into the show at the Green Mill.  Incredible jazz and amazing fire hazard!

We waited for about 90 minutes in the rain to get into the show at the Green Mill. It was jam-packed inside, but the jazz was incredible!

We went to eat at Gino's in Chicago.  Unfortunately Gino wasn't there.  :(

We went to eat at Gino's in Chicago. Unfortunately Gino wasn't there. 🙁

I don't know what you call this sport that we saw on Lake Michigan, but it was pretty amazing.

I don't know what you call this sport that we saw on Lake Michigan, but it was pretty amazing.


by Son@Night

Today was dry. That meant that NW and I got out the ladder and took down awnings. It’s been a hit and miss proposition (mainly miss) these last few weekends and it was seriously in question if we’d even have the weather to do it before winter hit. But today was lovely, just an absolute delight, and so the deed has been done. Tiger Lilly, full of illness, still managed to climb on the lawnmower and toodle about the lawn for the last time this season. So the hatches are mainly battoned down. I suppose tidying up the vegetable garden might be in order, but I was sidetracked by the married women of the house who wanted to stroll in Swede Hollow. Long, leisurely walks in autumn are a favorite of mine, so the rotting tomatoes will just have to hold their peace for another week.

Rat Speaks Truth to Power

by Sly the family rat

They put newspaper in my cage. That’s fine. I like that. Definitely not opposed to a little chewing material. Plus, origami passes the time when they’re busy ignoring me.

But the Star Tribune? Seriously? Does my cage look like a dump? Do I look like vermin? Don’t answer that.

The point is, there is all kinds of dumb that oozes of the page and gets in my pores. Take the Letter of the Day for example. It is titled, “We finally have a president who listens to critics and allies” Might I suggest an alternative? “Touching naiveté strikes Minnesota man” Or how about, “Bootlick attacks Star Tribune OpEd page”? Good grief.

So anyway, if you must put that bilge in my cage, at least give me the crossword.