You Want New? We Got New!

by Son@Night

Q. What do you get when you cross a pastoral intern and a hairstylist?

A. Well, duh.

baby worley

Yes, Faith and I are expecting a little one to arrive in August.  That is to say Faith is pretty pregnant.  And she’s just plain pretty too, but that’s not new news.

Here are some other ways that we could have broken the news….

Q. What’s barefoot and pregnant?

A. Not Faith, she’s got tons of shoes.

Q. What is Faith’s favorite brand of spaghetti sauce?

A. Prego!

Q. Did you know that the Reverend Mother is going to have a new nickname?

A. Yea, the Reverend Grandmother.

Q. How grand is the Nightwriter?

A. He’s not half-bad, but just you wait until August!

We found out in November and have been slowly rolling out the announcement to family, to church folks and so on.  We decided to make you all wait until  New Year’s Eve for the sake of tradition.

We are both thrilled.  We are only dimly aware of how huge this is going to be.  We will certainly need help. That help might come from different quarters, but it sure doesn’t hurt to already be living with one set of doting grandparents.  Sure, there won’t be a lot of room in the house, but there will be babysitters aplenty and love overflowing (not to mention diapers.)

15 thoughts on “You Want New? We Got New!

  1. The morning after Faith and Ben told us they were pregnant I was in the kitchen eating breakfast when Faith came in to greet her Poppi. Except she said, “Good morning, Grampy!” as she passed through.

    I said: “Now wait just a minute, Missy, you get back in here and wipe this shredded wheat off of the wall!”

  2. “What do you get when you cross a pastoral intern and a hairstylist?”

    I was going to say “a sitcom with lots of jokes about the Culture War”.

    But then I remembered Mall Diva is the hair stylist in question.

    But seriously, congratulations!

  3. Wow, congratulations, you crazy kids! Will Mall Diva now be “Toys ‘R’ Us Diva?”

    And congrats also to Grandpa Nightwriter, the Reverend Grandmother, and Auntie Tiger Lilly, of course. Continued blessings for your expanding family!

  4. I had a feeling this was the case given Faith’s most recent profile pic on Facebook.

    Congrats to one of my all-time favorite couples!! When is the due date?

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  6. this is awesome news!
    now we got to pick out some baby names. i’m sure the blogger world would be more than willing offer up some suggestions.

  7. I think the blog nickname has to get top priority. Given that the youngster is the product of two bloggers, and from an extended blogging family, I don’t think it’s out of line to expect some en utero blogging.

  8. I get to be Auntie Ninja. And when the behbeh gets older, I get to be the PE teacher.

    [diabolical laughter]

  9. This baby will have no shortage of grumpy old godfathers fawning over him/her in the years ahead. We had anticipated the announcement, but this was the first chance I’ve had to check the blog since getting back from TX. (my brother’s computer crashed New Years Eve morning)

    Congratulations from all the royal family.

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