by Son@Night

Today was dry. That meant that NW and I got out the ladder and took down awnings. It’s been a hit and miss proposition (mainly miss) these last few weekends and it was seriously in question if we’d even have the weather to do it before winter hit. But today was lovely, just an absolute delight, and so the deed has been done. Tiger Lilly, full of illness, still managed to climb on the lawnmower and toodle about the lawn for the last time this season. So the hatches are mainly battoned down. I suppose tidying up the vegetable garden might be in order, but I was sidetracked by the married women of the house who wanted to stroll in Swede Hollow. Long, leisurely walks in autumn are a favorite of mine, so the rotting tomatoes will just have to hold their peace for another week.

3 thoughts on “Outside

  1. Just so you know, Swede Hollow was the idea of the other married woman in the house. Of course, I agreed it was an excellent choice.
    Thanks for hauling all that stuff up to the attic.

  2. Oh, I wouldn’t say it was the last trip around the yard on the tractor for the year. The leaves are a lot easier to mulch than rake and the trees are still half-full.

    I will add that I’m happy the Mall Diva married a guy that’s 6’3″ with wingspan; it’s a lot easier for him to unhook those awning clamps than it is for a T-Rex.

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