An Appeal to the Red-Headed Girl

by Sly the family rat

Things can fall apart so quickly.  The Vikings went from the verge of the Super Bowl one year to the deflation of the Metrodome being the highlight of their next season.  The Byzantine emperor Justinian painstakingly reasserted the territorial sovereignty of the Roman Empire only for it to slip away like sand after his death.  After the departure of Tom Wopat and John Schneider the Dukes of Hazzard fizzled faster than a redneck could shout, “Yee-ha!”

Well, I’ll stop beating around the bush.  A rat, namely me, passes from this mortal coil one week, and all of a sudden Anorexsticks Inaneymous goes from being a regular feature to not getting published this Monday.  What’s with that?  Was I the only thing holding this thing together?  Can the red-headed girl not find the time to put some sticks together to make people laugh?  What is this world coming to?

Here’s a suggestion.  Think of another theme.  Say, a farmer baby, or an angel rat, or nefarious cows trying to kidnap the farmer baby, or whatever.  Then make the world laugh.  For the love of filthy vermin everywhere, Anorexsticks must continue!!!!

4 thoughts on “An Appeal to the Red-Headed Girl

  1. When I first saw the title, I assumed that Charlie Brown was guest-blogging. Still, always glad to hear from Sly, even from the Great Beyond.

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