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One day left

Okay, guys, how are you coming on your Valentine’s Day plans for your wife or significant other? Have you selected the special, highly personal playlist of songs and burned a CD or uploaded it to her MP3 player? No? Well have you written her a poem, or a letter, telling her how much she means […]

Sweet hearts

Create your own short and sweet nothings in candy heart form — either as a trio of hearts or as a single heart — using the Candy Heart Generator. Be sappy, be funny, be cruel but, most of all, be brief! HT: Through the Illusion. bookmark to:

Long cool woman in a black dress

With Valentine’s Day coming up I thought I’d give you less romantic guys out there a good suggestion for a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other. (I know, I know, you look at me and then you look at the Reverend Mother and you think, “Da-yum, that guy has just got to have some […]

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