The difference between men and women: #436

Saturday the Mall Diva released Ben from her clutches so he and I could do some male bonding while watching the Packers play-off game. We were watching the game in the basement (where the snowy field and green and gold uniforms were beautiful in HD) when Ryan Grant broke off a long run toward the Seahawks’ goal-line.

Packer-fan Ben leapt off his couch in such great excitement that he struck his head on the low ceiling, dealing himself a near-stunning blow.

Upstairs the Diva and her mother heard the startling and devastating crack and wondered out loud and with some concern if something catastrophic had happened. They listened intently for what might come next.

“Must not be anything too bad,” Mall Diva said. “Dad’s laughing his butt off.”

10 thoughts on “The difference between men and women: #436

  1. Um, Benny, he said in the post that we’ve got a low ceiling…did you happen to concuss yourself?

  2. Having had more than my fair share of concussions of varying degrees, let me save you the doctor’s visit.

    You’re fine. Keep the activities to the minimum for a few days. If your head starts to hurt, stop your current activity.

    You can stop following above advice if you still getting light headed, vomit or vision becomes unfocused. Now you should see the doctor.

    P.S. Oh and yes, to take away the inevitable wisecracks, I realize admiting to a number of concussions explains quite a lot about me.

  3. This jumping and frenzied excitement is a family/genetic trait.In 1964 whilst watching England play Germany in the World Cup soccer final( And yes, this world series actually includes well over 100 countries!!) a certain young man jumped out of his chair as England scored the winning goal and bashed his head against a substantial light fixture hanging from the ceiling.Life has never been the same and 44 years on just look at me ….not hard to understand Ben’s actions eh wot! Say! anyone for tennis??

    Grandpa Chris(please pass the asprin)

  4. If the theory of evolution has any validity, I hereby further hypothesize that Uncle Ben’s family line evolved not from monkeys, but from kangaroos.

  5. I always thought that TRUE Packer fans always wore the famous cheesehead hats, thus averting serious injuries resulting from such uncontained exuberance.

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