He shoots … he bores!

by the Minfidel

John Hinderaker at Power Line details the ratings mis-match between Fox, CNN and MSNBC (CNN and MSNBC’s ratings track very closely to each other — and well behind Fox’s). He notes that Keith Olbermann’s show especially sucks vast amounts of wind:

It’s rumored that during the Olympics, when a curling match carried over into Keith Olbermann’s time slot, ratings plunged when the curling ended and Olbermann came on. Well, that makes sense. I’d rather watch curling than Olbermann. But then, I’d rather get a root canal than watch Olbermann, too.

Well, like Olbermann, that one’s a no-brainer. The difference between a root canal and watching Keith Olbermann is that at least with a root canal they give you anesthetic.

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