4 thoughts on “Anorex[st]ics Inaneymous 074

  1. Heh. The psychic trauma over just the thought of using someone else’s toothbrush is something inherited from your mother. This was not unknown — or unexploited — by her brother.

    I know I could take advantage of this for my own amusement, except that I also know better (i.e., I know there are some lines that are better left uncrossed in any relationship). Nevertheless, one morning many years ago I came into the kitchen to see the Reverend Mother intently studying the bottom half of a bagel, smeared with cream cheese. She showed the unsmooth surface of the cheese to me and asked if it looked as if the cat had licked it (she had left the bagel unattended for a short time). I’m not sure exactly what a cat-lick would look like but I carefully examined the bagel and announced, “Yes, it does…which would explain why I just saw the cat in the bathroom, using your toothbrush to get the cream cheese scent off of his breath.”

    She blanched, extended her arm to full-length away from her, and dropped the bagel directly into the trash can.

  2. i can beat that, NW.
    wife saw me using a toothbrush to scrub corners of the toilet bowl. we laughed that it looked just her brush. hahaha

    the next morning i asked her where she got brush she was using, uh oh!…

    she freaked til i showed her the one i really used, in the trash can.
    but at least i had fun with it.

    yeah, we eventually divorced…

  3. Way up north at one of the local establishments there is a toilet plunger behind bar for a big group “shot” of 1/2 buttershots schnapps and 1/2 whisky or Crown Royal. Take a drink and pass it to the next person at the bar.

    Yes, it is quite delicious and doesn’t taste at all like poop. 8)

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