Night Chicks at the Diner

The Night Chicks, without the mother hen, but with special guest, the top rooster! At The Copper Dome on Randolf and Hamline:

NW: Brrr. I wish I had worn my fleecy vest
MD: I know, it’s cold.
TL: Really? I’m hot.
NW: Just slurp away at the hot coffee…ahh, the mug feels good in my hands.

NW and MD are mesmerized by the tv, which is positioned above and behind TL. It is tuned to FOX News.

TL: You’re so lame, just watching the tv with that glazed expression on your face.
NW: Mmm, glazed. Makes you think of having a glazed donut…
TL: Should I get peaches or blackberries on my waffle?
NW: You could ask the guy, I bet he knows.
MD: They won’t let me get any kids portions, would they?
NW: Ask the guy, and bat your eyelashes.
TL: Bludgeon him with your eyelashes!
NW: The tv’s talking about the Coleman-Franken race, and here I haven’t had my breakfast yet. Oh, the inhumanity!!
TL: What’s so important on that tv that’s more important than me and Faith?
NW: Well now they just had video of wildfires in California, and then they put Bill Ayers’ photo on the screen. I think the story is that Ayers is responsible.
TL: That explains it.
NW: Obama came in here (Copper Dome) when he was in town and had blueberry pancakes.
MD: I’m glad I’m not getting the blueberry pancakes.
TL: Is that why there’s not very many people in here?
NW: In this neighborhood? I think they’re having his booth bronzed.

MD: (looking at TV) Ooh, it’s the Ashton Kutcher commercial.
NW (Talking to tv): Get a shave, kid.
*Waiter thinks NW is talking to him*
NW (muttering): Was talking to tv, never mind…

NW: So where’re the mounds of hilarity? You guys are a lot funnier when you’re with your mother.
MD: It’s not sunny enough.
TL: Plus the tv’s on.
MD: As you can see, our hilarity depends on our surroundings.
NW: Well, I know it’s not me.

6 thoughts on “Night Chicks at the Diner

  1. As you can see, our hilarity depends on our surroundings.

    That’s pretty much axiomatic. And I’m guessing you’re right about the booth bronzing.

  2. TL, the next cheesy action movie, watch. They’ll have rock hard eyelashes that this villainess uses to hurt her victims. I can see it now.

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