I make a conscious effort when blogging or in other public forums to be sure that my words are about sowing seeds to create the things I want, rather than pulling weeds to protest the things I don’t. Sometimes this is really, really hard to do. My dismay and native smart-assery can be a combustive concoction, and there’s always so much tinder lying around. Often (but not always) I bite my tongue and my nails so that I may be known by the things I am for, rather than by the things I am against, and try to guard my tongue and my typing. Some days I am more successful than on others.

I am encouraged when people decide to separate themselves, despite the hardships, from the rule of distant and unaccountable government and a system designed to transfer the benefits of productivity from the producers of goods to the producers of regulations. I am shocked when our own Supreme Court decides that the authorities can stop and search you without cause, and discouraged whenever our collective noses are rubbed in the reality that there are different laws for different persons. While pulling weeds may bring some instant (though ineffective) gratification,sowing seeds takes self-control and a long term perspective and vision, and I will try to live and be known for that vision: that some day my grandchildren may experience a world where they have the same liberty and freedom my grandparents had.

(Originally shared, July 6, 2016.)

2 thoughts on “Credo

  1. Maintain your focus. The caustic words and attitudes we hear so much of these days
    set off the most well intentioned statement.

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