Ready to serve

by the Night Writer

Something from the files I wanted to preserve here. Originally from March 14, 2013.

Our house was built in ’48 and when we moved in 16 years ago I wanted a retro feel in the paneled basement so I got some tin advertising signs for out of date products. One in particular featured a line of green John Deere A Series tractors, circa 1940s, with the motto, “Ready to Serve.” I liked this one a lot because it reminded me of my grandfather and his love for the farm. I kept it over my desk so I looked at it often.

Turns out there’s someone else who loves tractors: my grandson, Benjamin. When he visited this last week I brought him downstairs and took the picture off the wall. I told him a little about my “pawpaw” and gave him the sign to take home to his room. He was delighted. Now my wall is a little barer but my heart is a little fuller. A memory of a grandfather becomes a memory of another grandfather, and like the A Series, ready to serve.

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