5 thoughts on “Adventures in Dining, part 1

  1. We had the churros and chocolate the last two mornings in Cazorla, and it was especially thick because they used olive oil in it! (In Cazorla, they put olive oil in their toothpaste, I think.)

    Haven’t had the horchata yet, but keeping an eye out!

    Tonight we were taken to a very nice place by a local we met at Pueblo Ingles and had tapas that included a foie gras soaked in champagne that tasted almost minty, black beans in squid ink, octupus and sharp (old) manchego cheese. It was all grea stuff! (Btw, Margaret, I think you and David would be great at a Pueblo Ingles week – you pay your airfare over there and PI puts you up at a nice resort with 3 great, even gourmet, meals a day and you spend the week helping Spanish professionals develop their English skills. There’s a lot of individual and group discussions and improvisation where a wide and deep range of knowledge is very handy!)

  2. You spelled Inigo wrong. I remember when I read the book, it was Inigo, not Inego.

  3. Whoops, sorry, that was me, I forgot about the whole log in and out thingy.

  4. Membrillo (Quince Paste) and Manchego is an excellent sweet savory combo. Black beans and squid ink? Never had that, but I have had squid in it’s own ink and that was pretty good, hearty stuff. Yeah, that sounds like fun, although David is not one for the mariscos and squid would send him running.

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