“Ben” there

By Son @ Night

A bit more than three years ago, the Nightwriter posted a picture of Faith wagging her finger at me in front of Big Ben.  It really made me smile at the time and left an impression on my memory.

Faith wagging her finger at Ben in 2006.

Faith wagging her finger at Ben in 2006.

So when we were traipsing about London on our honeymoon we decided that we needed to take the shot again, but this time with a fantastic, new reality in place.  So here you go, Faith and Big Ben in London, v2.0.

Faith wagging her finger at Ben in 2009.

Faith wagging her finger at Ben in 2009.

Sure, it’s not an exact replica.  It’s better!  And that’s exactly as it should be.

By the way, I’ve started going through the 700+ pictures from our trip and will be posting some of the more interesting ones in the days to come.

4 thoughts on ““Ben” there

  1. Man, I don’t think a paparrazzi following Britney Spears would take that many pictures in 3 short weeks. I want to know when the big show is going to be when the bridal party gets to see all the pics from the wedding.

    Speaking of which, we still have your actual wedding present, and wanted to give it when you got back.

    In other words, two valid reasons for a get together soon.

  2. dont forget the pictures from the topless beach in france.
    i’m sure KD would be the most interested.

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