Welcome, and pardon our dust

by the Night Writer

NW on train w-rivetsThe Rev. Mother does fine work, doesn’t she? It must be the inspiration.

It was a productive weekend and we finally got the new blog home up and running. I’m telling you, it was exhausting watching Kevin hammer at my keyboard for most of the afternoon Saturday as he managed to route nearly 1500 posts (and 3 hours worth of images) from Powerblogs, via Movable Type, to WordPress. Good thing he works for Schlitz and pizza.

Almost everything made it over from the old site to here, except for the categories and, for some reason, the appropriate author tags.  I spent a good chunk of Sunday trying to fill in the blanks and playing around with the new features and widgets. There’s still a lot to be done, but at least we’re posting. The biggest thing I’ve yet to figure out is how to get the super-coolio new logo the Reverend Mother created for me up in the header where it belongs. Just about everything else in WordPress is pretty intuitive but I can’t get the image to appear yet or add the quote of the week. I’ve actually had to resort to reading the directions, but so far I haven’t come across the magic code (expertise glady accepted). Other things on the “to do” list include getting my blogrolls into the appropriate sidebar.  That will be the first priority after the logo, then I’ll start going back through more than four years worth of posts to re-establish categories and authors.

Speaking of authors, we’ve officially added The Son@Night (aka Ben) to the family blog. I think he was concerned that Sly the Family Rat would  get official author status before he did, but the editorial committee retroactively approved his application after the Diva carelessly gave him the password to the admin page of the old site.

Additional posting might be light here today as the team gets used to the new tool, but I hope everyone (including the Diva) will soon be back in force (which, come to think of it, is the only way Tiger Lilly does anything).

At any rate, it’s time to celebrate: everybody dance

(HT: TechnoChitlins – what a great house-warming gift!)

5 thoughts on “Welcome, and pardon our dust

  1. Gino – I’ve been with Powerblogs since the beginning, so it was familiar, but it was difficult to make design changes and support had become almost non-existent. I needed a fresher and easier-to-read look and better Category and file management and I thought it best to make the move to a more powerful and popular host. I don’t like change but I think this will be a good one.

    Hayden – thanks! I thought that video would get you bumping! Are you settled in your new home?

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