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Wednesday night the Mall Diva and Princess Flicker-Feather achieved a milestone in their performing career — their first “booked” gig where they were actually requested to perform. Not only that, but they had to have enough material to do two sets; since they only have two “cover” songs in their pop repertoire they had to practice extensively on their original compositions to put a show together.

And it was a very good show, bolstered by a friendly audience, and they even worked a little patter into the act as they introduced each song. It looked easy and natural for them, no doubt because they’ve been lifelong friends and singing partners almost since they could talk. The show was hampered by some poor sound-mixing in the first set but things were worked out in time for a powerful and varied second set. They even got tipped by a woman in the audience! When it was over and we got back home and unloaded the equipment the two of them hugged in the kitchen in celebration of their achievement and … perhaps … in the unspoken acknowledgement of what may yet come.

As I said, it was a significant evening: their first real show and the coffeeshop even printed flyers with their names and faces to promote the gig. They worked very hard to prepare. Certainly the hope and the expectation is that there will be more performances, bigger audiences, even some money. Life changes, though, sometimes very dramatically. Faith, aka “Mall Diva”, gets married in two weeks and marriage is very time-consuming (and worth it). One makes time for the things that are important, but working, family, starting a new life in a new church as not only the husband and young-pastor-in-training but the wife get to “intern” in their new roles and responsibilities …well, it can be hectic. Perhaps even more hectic than trying to simultaneously plan a wedding and rehearse for a show, but I guess we’ll find out. Wednesday’s performance could be the first in a series of many that will take Faith and Casii to new adventures and exposure, or it could be the culmination of a creative and loving partnership. I don’t pretend to be able to predict what will happen or even to know what’s going on in their heads; all I know is I just wanted to freeze the moment in my mind as they hugged.

Then again, that happens to me often lately as we count down the days to the wedding. I think about the wedding a lot, sometimes deliberately and sometimes because it can’t be helped. It usually makes me a bit misty to think of it, so my deliberate thoughts are in the hopes that I can get myself all dried up by the time the actual event rolls around. There are so many memories and so much to think about. It so happens that in the four-plus years I’ve had this blog my eldest daughter has appeared here dozens and dozens of times, sometimes as the subject, sometimes in passing, sometimes as the author (a partial listing of her posts here).

I don’t know if my strategy for remaining dry-eyed will work out, but you’re welcome to share in the process with me. Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the big day I plan to group various collections of old posts about Faith here; feel free to laugh and cry along.

To begin with, we might as well look at a reminisce of her birth and a subsequent Father’s Day essay. Next, let’s introduce the cast of characters that have become a big part of this blog — some of whom have become a very big part of the wedding — with a couple of short posts that generated tremendous amounts of comments, all set off by a rather benign affront to the Diva’s honor (as if I would suffer any other kind): Opening a Can and Order in the Court.

More to come in future days if I can bear up.

11 thoughts on “What’s going on

  1. That walk down the aisle will be pretty emotional on an old man, the knees might get a little jittery; but, I have the perfect solution.

    How about driving her up the aisle on a riding lawn mower. Take the pressure off.

  2. Thanks for this post, NW. I can’t say that I’ve been getting misty-eyed, but I’ll sometimes get a feeling, just out of reach, that everything is about to change. And of course it isn’t just a feeling; it’s the truth. But it’s difficult to know what it’s going to be, before it is. And that is why I am so thankful to have godly principles, the support of church, and the prayers of Christian men and women. These are like bedrock, and through them God is providing peace. God has provided, is providing, and will provide. This reality of our lives in Jesus Christ leaves in me a sense of awe; this is all really true! Amazing.

  3. This particular blog reminds me of the day in mid-May when Ben finally made his appearance. He had kept me waiting an extra week after his due date (same as Faith)- and I must admit that I was rather uncomfortable. What relieve and joy that Chris and I shared to hold him in our arms after a short delivery time in our own home with the help of a mid-wife. He was so big that he was quite difficult to balance and weigh in the mid-wife’s suspended scale.

    Materbird at 1606 (Ben’s Mom)

  4. Hayden,

    Ben set their little digital camera/camcorder on a table and used up an entire battery life. The image was okay given the lighting but I haven’t heard the sound yet. These types of recordings don’t typically do the actual performance much justice (especially with the hum of the cooler and the zhoosh of the espresso machine) but we’ll see!

  5. >>>I don’t know if my strategy for remaining dry-eyed will work out,…

    I’ve got the perfect cover for ya bro!

    Just give me the signal and I’ll give you a good quick kick to the shin….then you’ll have the perfect excuse for that tear in your eye! Just think, the exchange of vows mixed with a minor altercation….It’ll bring a little bit of Missouri matrimonial tradition to a Minny-sooootan soiree!

  6. Not to mention the perfect excuse for a swing at your jaw! Make sure to coordinate your machinations with Mr. D, our official wedding live-blogger.

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