Night Hens Caught on Camera

The Night Hens at The Black Sheep Coffee Shop. This was transcribed from a series of phone videos.

MD: I’m going to name my son Pandora, so I can always talk about Pandora’s Boxers.
TL: You’re terrible!!!
RM: What if he wants to wear… briefs?
MD: I won’t allow it.
RM: What about……. … …
MD: NO! Remember in Shrek 3?
TL: That was Shrek 2. It’s a THONG!
MD: And his nose goes woooooooooopp *mimes a growing nose*
RM: What if he wants to wear a loincloth?
TL: Oh yes, a manly… manly… *recording ends*

RM: *saying a crossword clue* Slice of cake.
MD: Yummy!
TL: Dericious.
MD: I looooove cake. I loooove wedding cake.
RM: You love your own wedding cake.
MD: I love cheesecake… for breakfast!
TL: *wiggling the camera* I like bread and butter… I like toast and jam. *turns camera upside down*
MD: *bounces from side to side*
RM: Are you taking a video of us? Upside down? *recording ends*

TL: *Turns camera upside down*
RM and MD: Aaaahhhh!!! *waving arms in the air*
RM: Help! Heeeelp!!!
TL: *turns camera right side up*
RM: Oh, I feel better.
TL: *turns camera to the side*
RM: I’m feeling sick. Eehllllaaaaahh….
MD: This is the best ride ever!
TL: *once again, upside down*
MD: We’re upside down!
RM: Are we? Oh. I hadn’t noticed.
MD: Okay, that’s enough.
TL: Oh, fine. *recording ends*

TL: *recording secretly*
TL: *turns camera upside down… again*
MD: *noticing* ahhh!!!
TL: *right side up*
MD: I… I was upside down… but now I’m better…
TL: She turned me into a newt!!!
MD: *looks aghast* A newt– *recording ends*

RM: What’s an unstressed vowel?
MD: *looks aghast* Regular?
RM: Silent?
TL: Relaxed?
MD: I am silent like the ninja!!!
RM: Relaxed? A relaxed vowel…
TL: Oh… that might not be good…
RM: Drugged? Groggy? Napping! A napping vowel!
MD: Wait… did you say vowel?
RM: Vowel! Yeah! What did you think I said?
MD and TL: *laughing uncontrollably*
TL: *breathlessly* Bowel!
RM: Bowel?! An unstressed bowel… *laughing uncontrollably*
*recording ends*

The Night Hens apologize if your delicate sensibilities were offended in the transcribing of these videos.

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