Optimus Prime has a Stop Sign Except it Says . . .

The Nighthens attempt to bailout the Nightwriter who is defaulting on blogging for more serious pursuits.

Before leaving the house for coffee:

MD: Mom, are you drinking coffee?
RM: Yes, I have some coffee on Friday before we leave.
MD: Then you have another cup later?
RM: I regularly have two cups of coffee in the morning. It’s not like I can’t stop anytime.

Here we are at Moose and Sadie’s, downtown Mpls. having coffee and other things, which are delicious. It’s lovely sitting outside on the deck, watching the world go by.
MD: I can’t believe it, you’re eating like a European.
RM: Eating with the fork in her left hand and and pushing it around with the knife in her right?
MD: Yeah.

MD: Mom, It’s less than eight months til I get married. Isn’t that amazing? This time last year I thought it was going to be 4 years.

TL: I was practicing the dance moves last night.
RM: The christmas program dance moves?
MD: Yeah. I’m so bored with everything I come up with for dance moves.
TL: You need to do lots of spins and kicks.
MD: That’s what we always do. And lots of crazy arm-waving.
TL: That’s because its cool! And when I do the dance moves, then my hair flies in my face.
MD: So you just do dance moves because it makes your hair look cool?

MD: Mom it’s your birthday on Monday.
TL: Holy cow, it is.
TL and MD in unison: What do you want for your birthday?
TL: You might get 80 degrees for your birthday. Heck, that would be great for my birthday. But I had to born in Feb.

A strange man approaches: Are you all going to be here a few minutes? Could you make sure no one walks off with my laptop, I have to go plug the meter.
RM: Sure.
MD to TL: You should be in position to chase after anyone who takes his laptop.
RM: Yeah, you can do that head/neck separation thingy.

MD: We need something exciting to happen around here.
TL mumbles.
RM: Someone to raise our taxes?
TL: No someone to attack us.
MD: Attack us, raise our taxes. They’re not much different.

TL: Look there’s an airline pilot over there.
MD: Maybe he’s a stewardess and not a pilot.
Hey, look at that. It’s like a poop sign, except it says stop!

MD: Did you hear me give Kevi my verbal ‘save the date’ last night?
TL: Doesn’t he want to come to the wedding?
MD: He usually goes camping with a bunch of his hunting dude buddies on Memorial weekend. But he told me he’d try to make it. I said I would hang onto that.
RM: It would really ruin it if Kevi weren’t there.

TL bothers MD, like she’s going to poke her in the nose.
MD: Get away from me you crazy argonaut!!!
TL: Hey don’t sneeze on my notebook.
It’s like a blank page, except it has ‘snot’ on it.

MD: That guy has a transformer’s messenger bag. That is so cool.
TL: I wonder what it turns into. (High pitched voice): Optimus Prime, I knew you were real. They all laughed at me, they didn’t believe me and they put me into the fun house.
I mean funny farm. But I knew you were real! I’ll show them! Let’s go tear up this stupid, un-believing city! Shun the non-believer! Shhhuuuuuuunnnnnnaaa!

We’d better get her home. Bye.

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