Man(ival), what a week

I was too busy vacationing last week to contribute an entry to this week’s Manival, and I’ve been so busy with other things this week that I’m a little slow in calling your attention to this week’s host, I Am Husband. If you’ll go over there you’ll see that the carnival is doing quite well without this clown (me). There are several fresh posts from some of my new favorite bloggers, plus nice work from some new contributors.

Of course my attention is going to be drawn to a post entitled “Why My House is a Diva-Dome” by Dad of Divas. He writes authoritatively, but his daughters are much younger than mine so he has little idea of what’s coming. I could tell him (or he could read about it here) but why spoil the fun? I’ll also second the recommendation from this week’s host that you read the “Real Men Dote” (@ Trey Morgan)and “What Dads Really Think About Porn” (@ Discovering Dad). There’s lots of other good stuff as well about Marriage & Family, The Character of a Man, House and Home and other Miscellaneous Manliness (including another funny trip to Dr. Awesome’s mail bag.) Dude, check ’em all out.

3 thoughts on “Man(ival), what a week

  1. I have to say thanks for the shout out! I always appreciate when I find people enjoying what I write… Now on the point of whether I am being naive at what is coming…maybe…but I can tell you my eldest is alreay acting like a teenager at almost 4 years of age…if this is any indication of what I have in store…watch out! Hope you come by to visit again!

  2. Totally missed the submission this week. I was so bummed, but it was a great manival. I went through and looked at all my posts and there really wasn’t anything worth submitting anyhow. Glad I didn’t embarrass myself…Love the site…

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