Music and passion at the X

Disclosure time: my wife is a big Barry Manilow fan. I didn’t know this about her before we were married. She knows that hers is a love that dare not speak its name since, despite the giga-bazillion records he has sold, the Manilow brand is anathema to many.

One time we went to a work-related Christmas party that featured a white elephant gift exchange; one of those things where, as a gag, people give away stuff in their possession that they don’t want. In the luck of the draw, my wife received a Barry Manilow double-album and was thrilled, to the dismay of my co-workers. My wife no longer attends work-related Christmas parties with me.

I also used to have one of those CD-buying club memberships; you know the ones that just about require surgery to get removed from you. Despite what my membership in the club says about my judgment, I wouldn’t let my wife order a Barry Manilow CD from the club. “The government keeps track of those records and, as the membership is in my name, I don’t want that in my permanent record.”

Nevertheless, my wife has fond memories of the two Barry Manilow concerts she’s attended.

Actually, make that three.

Thursday one of my co-workers who does a lot of work with the United Way received four comp tickets from the organization to Friday night’s Manilow concert. He either couldn’t or wouldn’t use them himself so he sent an email around the office that these were available. Now, I could have ignored it and my wife would have been none the wiser, but I knew how much she liked Barry Manilow and what it meant to her, and could mean to me, if I could get those tickets. I called. Amazingly, they were still available. I called my wife. When she answered the phone I crooned, “I write the songs that make the whole world sing…”

“What?” she said.

“Well, do you know who writes the songs?”

“Of course.”

“Do you know he’s in concert tomorrow night at the Xcel?”


“Do you know who has tickets to the concert?”


“We do.”

*Unintelligible shrieking.*

4 thoughts on “Music and passion at the X

  1. God is good. The Holy Spirit obviously kept me from doing a post based on the following review in the Strib—Barry Manilow: Grandmas and moms gone wild. (which I had actually started)

    Sounds like even future Grandpa’s must have enjoyed the concert.

    I may have innocently insulted two dear friends. RM probably would have made me a special tuna dish and force fed me the next time we got together

  2. “Unintelligible shrieking.”

    I’ve only come close to getting that kind of reaction from the Lab Rat. Once when I bought her a new vacuum cleaner for Valentines Day, and again last Christmas when I bought her a nice scoped varmint rifle.

    I guess I’m going to have to accept that I may never be as smoooooth as my big brother.

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