The reason we continue to get the Strib at home is because we all read the comics. I read every strip, even the ones I don’t like because it’s easier to read them than skip over them. A strip that I do like is “Get Fuzzy,” and one that I like sometimes is “Stone Soup.” The other day after reading these I said outloud, “If I lived in a house with Bucky Kat from ‘Get Fuzzy’ and Holly from ‘Stone Soup,’ at least one of them would be in a bag down by the river.”

One of the three women of the house said she kind of liked “Stone Soup.”

I said, “If I lived with all those women it would drive me nuts for sure!”

Wa-a-i-i-it a minute…

8 thoughts on “Funnies…

  1. And so help me, I’m going to go crazy too if SOME people keep screwing up my login info.

    ~Mall Diva

  2. The comics and the crosswords—the only redeeming sections of the Strib. I’m partial to the ongoing travails of Luann and Brad, I also like Zits.

  3. Hey, MD – cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it! Take a little personal responsibility and check the registration info before you comment!

  4. Heh, I symphathize. My dad was always traveling on business. Grew up in a house of three woman, it was pure torture.

    If I was home, I was usually hiding in my room.

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