The good retire young

Another of my “Night Lights” blogs has pulled the plug as Port McClellan has gone dark after two years and two months. I never realized that the Port was senior to my own blog by only a month, but I enjoyed the excellent commentary, clarity and insights. Given these gifts, my presumption and hope is that the blogger, Michael Brandon McClellan, has merely found bigger fish to fry and has turned his considerable talents toward something more remunerative or life-advancing.

Michael and I were “introduced” by another blog on my roll, Portia Rediscovered, that has also been dormant but has promised to return from hiatus in the near future. Also on hiatus now is LaShawn Barber’s Corner, and Suburban Blight is as good as gone (new babies are hard on blogging), while The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns are still crazy, but a lot less frequent.

And so it goes, old friends move on, new friends arrive. There has been some darn fine writing and/or analyses lately over at Scottish Right and Uncorrelated and I’ve linked Away With Words so much lately that if I do it again I’ll probably be accused of stalking (you can feel free to sneak over there). The Llama Butchers are as prolific as ever, even if exclamation marks sometimes outnumber the words in a few posts. I’ve also become enchanted with the adventures of the ex-pat Kelleys, marvelously chronicled over at Half a World Away. There’s a book in there, trying to come out.

The way things go in the blogosphere you should get over and enjoy these blogs while you can.

One thought on “The good retire young

  1. Night Writer:

    Thank you for your gracious words.

    Port McClellan was a joy to run, and it will be missed. But the season has come to focus the energy in a few other areas.

    I will nevertheless continue to read your excellent prose.

    Most Sincerely,


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