Children of the Night: The Fairest of them all

MD: Hi guys! Y’all are in for a special treat today, even though its not on a stick. Co-blogging! Yes, that’s right, the Mall Diva and Tiger Lilly are getting together to share with you the delights of our fair state’s fair.

TL: Hello, everyone.

MD: There will be food blogging, as I took pictures of almost everything that we ate, and sometimes of what other people were eating.

TL: The most pictures she took were of people eating roasted corn.

MD: I did not!

TL: Did too!

MD: *Rolls eyes* Anyway —-

TL: We also went on rides. We went on the Zipper, which is this ride that goes upside down and around and around. I kept my eyes closed almost the whole time, and when I made the mistake of opening them, we were rushing toward the ground — face first! I screamed my head off and vowed that I would never go on that ride again. I think my sister is deaf now.

MD: Huh?

TL: I’m going on it again next year.

MD: We (including the Rev. Mum) went on the Scrambler. All three of us. In one cart. I am never doing that again. I sustained a severely bruised arm and a couple of cracked ribs.

MD: In one of the barns we got our handwriting analyzed. We wrote our names on these little cards that they popped in the machine. The machine popped them back out again and told us what we were like. Our results were eerily accurate. Did you know that friendliness is my greatest asset?

TL: Yeah, right. Mine says that I’m romantic.

MD: Yeah, right. Well, I am naturally quick, keen and optimistic, and my opinions are respected, so there!

TL: Oh, yeah? Well I am very observant and take in all that’s happening around me.

MD: Look! A chicken!

TL: Where?? Hey, that’s not nice! Remember, I am also sensitive and easily hurt by criticism; but I never give up and don’t like things to get the better of me.

MD: I am always ready for self-sacrifice.

TL: I am bored by routine and enjoy the unexpected.

MD: So you’re routinely bored?

TL: ???

MD: Here’s a good one:

TL: Nice. Like you’ve never eaten a fried candy bar!

We went to the animal barns. There was something missing. THERE WERE NO BUNNIES!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

MD: Oh, get over it. You made friends with the loud sheep, remember?

TL: Oh, yeah.

MD: We found our favoritest thing to eat in the whole wide world. It was even more expensive here than in Italy! “Gelato, Poppi!”

TL: This little kid is in training to be the Hulk.

MD: That was so cute.

TL: Hey, sheep in leotards — they must be ballerinas.

MD: They never danced for us, though.

MD: Guess what? We also saw triple_a wandering around. I don’t think he recognized us, though. I think he was keeping track of all the political candidates, like this one:

(Vote for me!)

MD: Well that’s all the time we have for today! I hope you enjoyed your virtual trip to the Fair!

TL: Ciao for now!

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