Trivia Roundup

One more week of blogging vacation for me, but I thought I better get my summary of last Friday night’s Trivia Challenge up and on display.

As you can tell from the photo below, Team “Three Weddings and Funeral” showed up at the Friday night trivia event ready to play and with fire in our eyes. That’s Jeff and Leo in the front (left to right) and myself and Ben on the opposite side of the table.

We were in the thick of it, but we had trouble with names, losing a point because we could only come up with half of the name of the Irish president, and missing an easy lay-up on the name of the proprietor of Keegan’s due to an epic brain-fart (to be fair, the Twins had runners in scoring position against the White Sox on the TV over our heads at the time). Those are points you just can’t let get away in rarefied air of such a heady competition. We did know, however, that Damascus is the longest continually inhabited capital in the world (for a few more months, anyway).

Congratulations to Terry Keegan (see, we know the name) for coming up with some truly worthy questions (unlike the People magazine trolling that has characterized more recent Thursday night contests) and to our local Fraters Libertas team (fortified with Atomizer’s mother) for keeping Hugh Hewitt and his All Stars from coming into our house and making off with the hardware. Best of all, the event raised a couple of grand for Soldier’s Angels, the MOB’s official favorite charity (next to Keegan’s, that is).

4 thoughts on “Trivia Roundup

  1. Hey, I would’ve been happy with half of Poland, but no, you had to go all Demonspawn Eyes on us, and demand the blood of millions. Typical evil.

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