Beware the Bumpuses!

Ok, the real reason I’ve been on blogging vacation is that I’ve been cramming for this Friday night’s All-Star Triva Throwdown and fund-raiser for Soldier’s Angels. Our team of Jeff Kouba , Leo Pusateri, Uncle Ben and myself will mix it up with national talk-show host and Blog-father Hugh Hewitt, the Fraters and many other minutiae-minded precontenders. We’ll be “managed” by the Mall Diva who, if this devolves into the expected Wrestlemania brawl, will leap into action, squirting hair-spray into the eyes of our opponents (either that or traitorously turning on Ben).

Our captain entered our team name as “Three Weddings and a Funeral”, but since there’s usually a Hewitt-inspired Ralphie-Christmas Story theme to this competition I’ve suggested we call ourselves “The Bumpus Brothers.” I can just hear Chad the Elder cursing “those %$#@* Bumpuses” as we hound the competition and run off with the prize!

Anyway, the event starts at 9:00 p.m. so come on down and cheer (or heckle) your chosen squad. While you’re at it, please make a contribution to Soldier’s Angels, a great organization dedicated to supporting our troops and their families. Hope to see you there!

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