Brigham for State Senate!

Not content with trying to get his pro-life, pro-family, pro-small business points across in his blog or through his work as official graphic designer and tee-shirt maven to the MOB, my friend Derek Brigham has decided to run for the Minnesota Senate in District 45. The 45 is a deep-blue bastion and current fiefdom of long-time DFL incumbent Ann Rest.

If you want to help Derek to join the State Senate and change our government towards more conservative leadership (especially within the Republican Party), please go to his site and make a FULLY REFUNDABLE (up to $50 if you live in MN) donation. He needs to make his donations goal before the end of August, so the time is now. Please help if you can. It won’t cost you a thing through the MN PCR donation plan.

2 thoughts on “Brigham for State Senate!

  1. Derek: I write editorials to the Sun Post. I am preparing a critique of the state of education and would like to get your input. It is not so much an endorsement piece as it is a lament over the status quo in public schools. I read somewhere that you would like to explore the possibility of providing incentives or tax credits for home or private schooling. I have shared this sentiment for many years and wonder why someone hasn’t grabbed the issue and run with it. Give me a few quick bullet points on education. I know it will contrast with Ann R.

    You have a daunting task. Ann is firmly entrenched. You will get 40 percent of the vote automatically. How are you going to win the 11 percent to put you over the top? That’s your mission. I wish you well and thank you in advance for your input. Keep your comments to education. I’m not writing on anything else. I want to raise questions, more than provide answers.

    Jerry Lindberg

    Crystal, MN

    763 595 0312 home

    952 915 9502 work

  2. Jerry, I’ll let Derek know of your interest but you might want to contact him through his blog, Freedom Dogs (see the MOB blogroll on the right).

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