Hey, everyone! Sick of hearing about my birthday, yet? Remember, only 361 days until my next one!

My week was a blast; what with winning trivia, Sock Wars, dresses and presents! I especially liked Sock Wars, where several friends I hadn’t seen in a while showed up. For Keegan’s, though, my memory is a little bittersweet because I really wanted Marty to sing me Happy Birthday, and he didn’t show his face all night. Coward. But, I did get a cigar as you all saw in an earlier post.

Saturday was dress-up day, and we ate cake and opened presents. Even Felix fit right in for this occasion, as he always wears a tuxedo. I decided to put a bow on him for good measure. Isn’t he cute???

We also played a game that Surly Dave taught to us. We have decided to call it “The Spanish Inquisition!” It’s a bit like 20 Questions, but played in a larger group. One person is “it”, and they have to leave the room while the group decides on something to do or be. Then the “it” person comes back and has to figure out what the group has decided by asking yes or no questions (there is no limit in this game). Well, one round I was “it”, and I must be very hilarious, because the whole group was busting a gut at my questions while I was utterly confused. They were so mean to me! What I didn’t realize was that the thing I had to figure out was that everyone wearing glasses had to answer “yes” to every question, regardless of whether or not it was true, while everyone not wearing glasses could tell the truth. There were three bespectacled people sitting in a row, so I’d ask questions of the first two, hear “yes” and then I’d think I knew the solution and I’d ask the last one, my uncle, if the answer was such-and-such. He’d say “yes” but no one would celebrate so I’d ask the next person (no-glasses) if I’d won and she’d say “no.” I had to put my head down a lot, because it hurt. Sound like fun?

But anyway, I had a very good birthday. Now I am older and wiser. I feel older because Sock Wars made me sore; and I am wiser, because I know I need to stretch first next time.

21 thoughts on “Post-Birthday

  1. What is it with women and cats, anyway? Cats are snooty, pay you no attention, expect to waited on hand and foot, and… oh, never mind.

  2. Jeff has earned a vacation, all expenses paid, to the doghouse. Good job! 🙂

    Actually Diva, maybe I’ll post a cat so that you won’t have to feel so alone and ostracized. Or maybe I’ll just wag my finger.

  3. I guess to answer your question about women and cats is that cats are a lot cleaner, less expensive, and don’t require as much time as lets say a dog. Which means more money for shoes, more time to just hang out and hopefully if well trained not much to clean up after.

  4. I’m with Jeff- cats are the most conceded animals there are. They’re like the woman with the masters degree working at the Wal-Mart cash register as I fumble through my change who gives me the look that says “I am so much smarter than you, why am I down here getting YOUR change, I am so out of here as soon as I get the chance- do I HAVE to act as if I like you?”

    I actually have had my eye on a pot-bellied pig for a while. They are smarter, more fun and all-out happier to see you than either dogs or cats.

    I guess you could compare me to a pig. I’m messy, big nosed, eat a lot. I’ve been called a sexist pig, racist pig, homophobic pig, etc. All in all I get the last laugh- the pig is one of the smartest animals there is!

  5. Benny: Wag a finger? At me or Jeff? Choose your answer carefully, or there will be 2 trips to the doghouse…

    Princess: Thanks for sticking up for me and my cat. If you or Angel ever need anything, just holla!

    LC: Welcome to the Nightwriter’s digs.

    A smart pig, huh? As opposed to, say, a smart…donkey? My cat is NOT conceited.

  6. Heh there is nothing wrong with a cat that can’t be cured by a full load of lead #4 shot from 12-guage.

    You’d be amazed at how little they look like ANYTHING after that.

  7. Whoa! I thought Kevin’s comment was insensitive until I looked at his blog “Pissing you off and making you laugh since 2002” If you can get away with it…Go Kevin!

  8. LOL, what are you gonna do MD?? See if I ever take you to a gunshow again!!

    [ insert evil laugh here ]

    Thanks LC! And yes, my goal is to offend at least one person on every blog I visit.

  9. You didn’t take me, you big meaniehead!!!

    You told me about it and my father brought me! Big difference!

  10. How can cats be conceited anyway?

    Animals can’t show emotion. They just adapt very well to the surroundings in which they are put in. So really when you insult a pet you are alos insulting the owner, unless said owner had just purchased said pet and is training it to be “gooder”.

    In the case of Felix, I believe Felix is just repsonding to the loving electrical currents sent off by the S. family. Believe me, it can get to your head.

  11. I disagree Ms. Flicker-Feather!

    I think our disagreement comes down to nature vs. nurture, and since I am not a biologist, I have no empirical argument to put forward as far as the psychological origin of feline conceitedness, but I have an innate sense by looking into a set of eyes whether the being behind those eyes likes me or dislikes me- respects me or disrespects me. Compare the way a dog looks at me to the way a cat looks at me and the difference, while not scientifically supported, is undeniably apparent.

    BTW, I visited the pig at the pet store again today. He rolled over trying to let me pet his belly. If that was a cat it would have jumped to the other side of the cage.

  12. Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    But as for me give me kitties or give me Siberian Huskies!

    Althought the question remains why the cat jumps to the other side of the cage.


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