Golden Birthday: The Formal Tea Party!

Day three of the party action and it’s time to shift gears to more grown-up things: a formal tea party. And yes, time for the great birthday dress unveiling!

Mall Diva and Lindsay, apres le guerre.

Family and friends were urged to dress formally; Tiger Lilly, Diva, the Reverend Mother and Princess Flicker Feather were
among those getting dolled up.

Princess Flicker Feather and the Diva.

Time for presents!

Wow! What a day! It’s even more fun than this tea par-tay!

5 thoughts on “Golden Birthday: The Formal Tea Party!

  1. I just had an oddball thought. What would Kevin look like in a tea party dress? I can just imagine the MN militia getting together for a sewing weekend and crashing the party dressed to the nines.

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