Under the Tuscan sun

Boun giorno from an Internet cafe in Firenza, or Florence as we know it. The past few days have been filled with adventure and sightseeing (and food stories, Good Name) but I haven’t written much about food yet. Instead, below you will find thoughts from our time here. There should be four different posts within this one, each “hidden” after the title. Click on the title to reveal the text and photos for that section. “Hide” at the end of the section and go on to the next, or not, as you wish.

We will finally depart from Fattoria il Lago tomorrow, Monday morning. Our plan is to head for the famous “Cinque Terre”, or “five lands” that cling to the cliffs overlooking the coast near Genova. We are to return to London on the 24th, but will be there only long enough to pick up a couple of new stamps on our passports and a rental car.

Today we’ll soak up some more sun in Firenze (and we already have a story to tell about this).

6 thoughts on “Under the Tuscan sun

  1. So enjoyed reading your blog. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Our prayers and thoughts are with you always, so expect more favor with God and everyone you meet.

    I need to thank you also for the wonderful time we are having in our home being left all alone with Joe and Julie in Oklahoma and Tommy and Amy being able to enjoy your home. (Don’t worry the animals are still alive!)

    We will be leaving Friday for vacation, so we won’t be able to write again before you get back. Be blessed coming in and blessed going out. You are missed greatly.

    We love you,

    Pastors Tom and Marilyn

    P.S. Faith, I miss you! Audio Adrenaline is breaking up! Hopefully I will survive, hopefully. See any cute short boys lately? :)~

    Princess FlickerFeather

  2. Casii! Oh, no! I can’t believe it! That’s so sad.

    There’s lots of cute boys, and they’re not all short!

    I miss you, too. See you when I get home!

    ~Mall Diva

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