Selling everything; moving to Tuscany

I have not had internet access since we left London, but that does not mean I have not written anything. My host, Francesco, has allowed me access to his computer to upload something I wrote yesterday, but my wife just drove off with the jump drive I had stored it on. I will get this up eventually; it is a dramatic story of unexpected challenges and blessings that somehow ended up with us driving a new Mercedes and staying in a three bedroom apartment – at the same prices as the compact car and two room apartment I had reserved.

Today we drove from Dicomano nearly to Forli just for the fun of it. Florence, Siena and Pisa are all nearby but the big city doesn’t appeal to us as much as the Tuscan countryside. The road we took today was two-lane and very twisty and hilly, full of S-turns, W-turns, XYZ-turns, you name it. We saw some fabulous little towns and voluptous hills and the ruins of an old castle. More details and photos to follow when I have more time – and when my jump-drive isn’t shopping in the piazza.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to make me an offer on a nice three-bedroom home with a large yard in a St. Paul, MN suburb, I’m interested. If you throw in an Italian phrase book I may even cut you a nice deal.

3 thoughts on “Selling everything; moving to Tuscany

  1. Wow, XYZ turns–good thing you had the Mercedes.

    Will your next update have something about the food? Doubtless in your current location you don’t have the international options you had in London, but I’ll bet in Tuscany “home cooking” is quite tasty.

  2. Hey there! We need to see the pictures of the countryside you’d give up your St Paul for. Should be lovely!

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