Loaming charges?

I’m keeping my eyes open for a good cell phone deal. It’s mind-boggling to keep track of all the features that are available now: camera-equipped, web-ready, text messaging, GPS, walkie-talkie, hands-free, digital, tri-mode, biodegradable.


From Zblog:

In 2004, the University of Warwick, Motorola and materials firm PVAXX developed a biodegradable cell phone case with a hidden sunflower seed in it. When the phone died, users were instructed to plant the case and simply wait for the summer bloom. Needless to say, the prototype generated a great deal of enthusiasm from environmentalists across the globe and they have been waiting patiently for its official release in the stores.

So where is the biodegradable cell phone today? It turns out, Japan got the job done first. Made from potatoes, corn and kenaf, the outer shell of the NEC N701 rots and then completely decomposes when you toss it in the compost pile. For those of you pining for your very own, you might have to wait just a bit longer. The NEC N701 is only available in Japan but a similar model will probably be hitting European markets next year, just in time for the fall harvest.

Made from potatoes and corn? What a great phone for the Minnesota emergency survival kit in the trunk of your car! If you break down on a remote section of our tundra you can use the phone to call for help. Out of range of a cell? Eat the phone!

2 thoughts on “Loaming charges?

  1. How big are cell phones these days? About as big as a snickers bar. Either send your dead phones to Michael Moore or I’ll store them in my walk-in closet for a small fee.

    On the other hand, if it’s cost-effective or if people want to pay extra, what’s the harm?

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