Cheney finds weapon of missed destruction

I can’t believe how big a deal is being made of Dick Cheney accidentally shooting someone while bird hunting, and the fuss about the “news blackout.” Now, if he’d shot Scooter Libby I could maybe understand it, but this seems a tad out of proportion.

I thought about making a list of people that I’d like to see added to the VP’s guest list for future hunts, but I’m really not comfortable wishing harm on anybody. Instead, here’s another little list; which of the following would you least like to do:

  • Go bird-hunting with Dick Cheney.
  • Play golf with Jerry Ford.
  • Sit in a boat with Jimmy Carter while being attacked by a rabbit.
  • Have sushi with George Bush, Sr.
  • Play “Truth or Dare” with Bill Clinton.
  • Watch cartoons with Osama bin Ladin.
  • Go for a drive with Teddy Kennedy.

That’s all for tonight, folks. I’ve got three lovely ladies expecting creative hand-made (or computer-made) Valentine’s Day cards tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Cheney finds weapon of missed destruction

  1. Okay, now you’ve got my journalistic undies in a bundle. What level of truth and accountability in government allows an incident like this to 1) go unreported for 24 hours until a private citizen contacts the local paper and 2) be spun like it’s no big deal? Of course it’s newsworthy when the guy who’s a heartbeat away from the presidency shoots someone, even accidentally. It should have been reported immediately and accurately or it is, in fact, a cover-up. And if this White House is willing to orchestrate a cover-up of seemingly insignificant news, what aren’t they telling us about the significant stuff?

  2. ‘Tak! Good to see you, man. But…

    Journalistic undies? It’s good that you still have them, but in regards to the White House press corps I think diapers are more appropriate. The delay definitely deserves a raised eyebrow, but my point was that yesterday’s frothing was a foofaraw of Biblical proportions. The story was significant only because of who did the shooting, which is perhaps why the “coverup” is getting more attention than the act itself. Because of that it’s a PR boo-boo, and a rather poor cover-up, but not a threat to national security or part of the Minute Man Project. I mean, a real sinister cover-up would have had the Secret Service spiriting the ranch owner off to Gitmo or a secret CIA base hidden in the ruins of Katrina-ravaged Mississippi (which is why Bush caused the hurricane).

    Perhaps this was the thought process: “Damn, I’m an idiot for accidentally shooting a friend of mine! I just can’t wait to tell my other friends in the media all about it. I wonder if they’re still up?”

    For other possibilities, check out “The Top 11 Reasons for the 24-hour delay…” here:

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