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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day.

In school (when I actually went to school) we would always have what we called “Love Week”. Each day would have a different theme, e.g. Dress-up Day, 70s Day, Western Day, Clash Day. There would be a contest for the best costume, and I (Me! The Mall Diva!) actually won clash day one year.

You can keep your snide comments to yourselves.

During the week sometime, we would take a field trip to the bowling alley and spend the afternoon there in our crazy get-ups, which got us some strange looks.

Today, my girl-friends and I went bowling to keep the old tradition alive. It was pretty fun, and apparently it’s pretty amusing to watch me bowl, according to my cousin. Pssh. What-ever.

Anyway, I betcha can’t guess who my Valentine is.

Random Thought of the Week:

Lucky Charms-“They’re Magically Delicious!”


Because they’re not delicious on their own, so they have to be magically enhanced? They also cause thieving behavior in small children, just ask Lucky.

7 thoughts on “The Valentine’s Day Blog

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! How come I’ve never heard of the random thought of the week?

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha-ow!stitch in my side.No, don’t call me a picklewiener.

  2. Oh, yeah. I’m not surprised you won clash day, with the crazy (and, ok, I’ll admit it, some of them are ok) get ups you wear.I’m just to polite to say anything until now.

  3. Tiger Lilly! You pickle wiener!!! You better watch your butt, I know where you live!

    See if I ever let you borrow any of my shoes again!

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