A rocky experience

I went rock climbing on Sunday.

To do it I had to beg and plead mom to take me (even though she wanted to go as well as me). Then I had to sit through a looong car ride (luckily I had a book.) When we finally got there, we found out that you have to make an appointment before you come. Oh the humanity!

Fortunately the lady at the front desk took pity on us and found someone who would belay me. (For some odd reason, Mom didn’t want to climb the 42-foot-high rock wall.) With many squeaks of fear when I looked down, and a lot of asking about where I should put my foot next, and many outrageous responses (“Oh, you only have to put your left foot about 4 feet up and 2 feet over!”) I reached the top. I conquered the 42-foot-high wall!

The guy who was belaying me said to “knock on wood for luck” when I reached the top. That wasn’t in the job description! The wood was 2 feet above me! Somehow I managed it and rappelled to the bottom. Mom was so proud. (In state fairs, whenever I tried rock climbing, I only got about a third of the way up.) And the best part (besides reaching the top) was that we didn’t even have to pay!

Ciao for now,

Tiger Lilly.

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