A slice of Night Life: a good day

Sunday mornings in our house typically begin with my wife, Marjorie, bringing a tray with coffee and doughnuts or fresh bread and the Sunday paper upstairs to our bedroom. My daughters soon appear and vie for position next to Mom on the “big, comfy chair” — an armchair nearly the size of a double-bed — while we leisurely eat and take our turns with the comics-section before getting ready for church. Yesterday was quite different, however, because we each had our assignments and personal preparations to make in getting ready for a big day.

2 thoughts on “A slice of Night Life: a good day

  1. Congrats! And an excellent write-up. Your Sunday morning routine makes me jealous. Maybe I can look forward to it in several years. I have a 5 and 4 yr old, so a leisurely morning with paper and coffee just isn’t feasible. It’s enough to get them up, fed and out the door to church.

  2. Thanks John. The salad and subs were super (alliteration runs rampant) and it was wonderful to meet your wife and the Mall Diva. Events such as this can be life changing even as they are life affirming. Amen.

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