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Congratulations to Ben at Actually a Chef for being the first to respond to my book tag – even if he wasn’t quite sure what “tag” meant at first. You can check out his responses here, where you’ll see an appetizing mix of books revolving around fantasy, humor and horror (which includes a behind-the-scenes look at restaurant kitchens). I may have to check out his fantasy recommendation, “Game of Thrones.” I used to read a lot of alternate universe/eternal champion kinds of books. A couple of years ago I finally played the Myst game and that reminded me so much of Zelazny’s “Amber” series I went back to reread the first five books and was reminded of how much fun these can be when done well.

My other “taggees” are MIA for now, though it appears that one of them – Tony at Always Right, Usually Correct – was also tagged by Andy at Residual Forces – and then turned around and tagged me. Talk about a disturbance in the Force! He did come up with a nice mix of blogs to pass this on to, however, I must say.

Part of the problem in reaching Tony is the same problem I’m having reaching out to North Star Liberty. Apparently their Blogger Comment protocols and I don’t get along well – and they don’t have alternate “contact me” info. I’ll apply more heat to Feet to the Fire. As for Tiger Lilly, I expect to see something soon or she’s grounded.

3 thoughts on “Book meme responses

  1. I would really highly recommend Kitchen Confidential, if you wanna know about what realllllly goes on behind the scenes while you eat your orange glazed duck. Not for the faint at heart.

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