Decisions have consequences

Andy at Residual Forces has the story and photo evidence of a Wellstonian scofflaw coming to justice. The miscreant flagrantly flouted the law while flaunting his Wellstone bumper sticker. While he probably appreciated the “kinder, gentler” boot now in use, here are some ideas for additional and complementary bumper stickers he may want to add:

Happy to Pay for a Better Minnesota Through Parking Fines.

Bush Lied and My Car Died…Please Don’t Give Me a Ticket!

Parking Police = Nazis

I Probably Had It Coming.

Wheel Booting Is Prohibited by the Geneva Convention (it’s possible).

Victim of Big Government.

Couldn’t we discuss this in Cook County?

Or, as the Night Writer commented on Andy’s post:

Don’t Park the Bus (here)!

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