Git Mo’ Reality

Sorry, late to the party. Did I miss anything?

Oh, Dick Durbin still hasn’t quite grasped the faults in his logic or how offensive his comments were? Sounds like a failure to communicate as the message is evidently going over his head. Let’s put it in terms he may be able to understand by quoting another dynamic speaker, Napoleon Dynamite: “IDIOT!”

Yet the Strib calls Durbin’s speech “thoughtful” and claims the inflammatory remarks were taken out of context. A “thoughtful” person would know better in the first place, and there isn’t a context big enough to compare tens of millions dead in the concentration camps, gulags and killing fields to the “suffering” and “death toll” in Gitmo. Now, if you were to compare Gitmo to, say, the St. Pat’s Board Member Initiation at a certain engineering college I know of, then you might be more in scale. (Come to think of it, the Gitmo detainees are definitely more hygienic and better fed).

As for the inane theory that the “torture” in Cuba damages the security of our troops and inflames the “Arab street”, oh please. These people know what real torture and abuse are, having practiced it on each other for centuries. The street might be rioting over reports of abuse, but it’s riotous laughter. You know, if your expectations are to be gruesomely maimed or killed slowly, the idea of having the air conditioning turned way up or doesn’t sound that bad…even if you don’t care for the music.

Instead, what endangers our troops and prolongs the fighting is the encouragement the terrorists get by listening to this claptrap and thinking they have a chance to outlast us.

And just what alternatives do Durbin, Reid, Kennedy, et al offer for detaining combatants and gathering intelligence that can thwart further attacks? Let them all go? (Sure, if you also implant every one of them with little tracking devices). How about the Hillary kiss torture?

Anyway, sorry that I couldn’t get here sooner. So, any of those little wienies left? (No, no, not Durbin).

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