A Slice of Night Life

My wife’s sister helps us out by doing housecleaning for us periodically. Not long ago she reported for duty one morning while our family was getting ready for our daily scatter.

When it was time for me to leave the mother ship for the office my wife and eldest daughter were upstairs where my sister-in-law was scrubbing a bathroom sink. I went upstairs. I kissed my wife. I kissed my daughter. I started to leave. This ensued:

Sister-in-law: “Hey, where’s my kiss?”

Night Writer: “Sorry, I try to make it a personal policy not to kiss the help.”

Sister-in-law: “Wha-?”

Wife: “Yeah, but if you were just here as the sister-in-law, then I’m sure you could get a kiss.”

Eldest daughter: (pumping her fist) “JER-ry! JER-ry! JER-ry!”

Sometimes I’m really glad I don’t work from home.

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