Celebrating at Keegan’s tonight

As of today I’ve been blogging for four months and some 115 posts. OK, that’s about a week’s worth of blogging for Captain Ed, but I was still surprised when I saw the tally. Other key numbers from this experiment so far: 3,336 total visitors according to Site Meter, but 17,453 visitors (not “hits”) and 7,741 unique readers according to the built-in Powerblogs tracking tool. I don’t know which number is closer to reality, but I figure either one is too many for it just to be my mom checking in, so thanks everyone!

What better place to celebrate this mini-anniversary and also get some face time with my family than at Keegan’s tonight for trivia and coded blogging orders from Karl Rove. Night Visions and the Children of the Night are coming along this time with Tiger Lilly making her first appearance and getting her first secret assignment.

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