StarTribune: “We’re screwed” – but why?

Today the Strib ran an article headlined “World unprepared for next influenza pandemic: health experts.” The article covered what a panel of experts – including the U’s own Dr. Michael Osterholm – had to say about the likelihood of a catastrophic global avian flu pandemic. Dr. Osterholm’s succinct statement: “We’re screwed.”

Unfortunately, the article did a pretty poor job in putting into context why this threat is significant and what is already being done, so allow me to fill in the gaps. This is a topic I’ve been focusing on for business and personal reasons, and I’ve offered a lot more details, perspective and updates here and here. (Each post also features links to more information from highly credible sources).

The article doesn’t describe why this strain has experts so concerned. Here are the salient details:


KARE 11 did a more in-depth story on this recently, including more Minnesota angles. You can read the text of the report here.

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