The always very funny Varifrank once again takes a firm grip on the obvious and then flips it over to look at what is underneath. Today he took a look at the criticism of John Bolton, the nominee for US ambassador to the UN.

John Bolton. To hear some talk about him you’d think President Bush appointed Satan’s representative here on earth to be the UN Ambassador. Apparently the charges go something like this:

He’s a bully.
He’s got a funny mustache.
He doesnt like the UN.
He doesnt talk diplomatically.

Since these are serious charges, Varifrank took a look at the qualifications of some other ambassadors from other countries. For example:

Apparently he’s a critic of the UN Too! But he’s a good Marxist-Leninist, so I guess it’s ok … Well, when a Cuban thug criticizes you of not being a legitimate force for human rights, you just know you’re screwed, don’t you?
And the “Number 2” man at the Cuban UN Embassy was apparently recalled from his previous post as ambassador to Mexico after he broke into their embassy, how gauche…

Ambassador to the UN – Dr. Nasser Al-Kidwa
And who’s he? Oh he’s the late Yasser Arafat’s nephew. Oh, and since he’s a doctor, he should know if the Israelis poisoned Chairman Arafat, but since he absconded with the medical records, who can tell?


He’s on record as calling the US “Imperialist”. Well thats not very “diplomatic” now is it? … Yeah. Let’s be nice to him. Oh by the way, he’s one of the architects of the internationally legal and multilateral boycott on genetically modified food which is keeping food from reaching people in Zimbabwe and thus keeping them compliant and under the control of their murdering dictatorship of a government, lead by the thug Robert Mugabe.

Get a load of this goon. And people bitch about Bolton’s mustache? Jeez, this guy could scare the paint off the walls! KGB? He damn well better be with a face like that.

Ambassador Jean-Marc de LA SABLIERE

…Now check this out. Apparently the French UN ambassador is an anti-catholic secularist bigot! I think that outdoes anything that John Bolton has been accused of by a good country mile.

“The French government attacked the Holy See delegation at a Wednesday meeting of the United Nations committee that considers official UN status for nongovernmental organizations. After the Holy See delegation made an argument for the UN to protect unborn children, France accused the Holy See of injecting ‘moral’ and ‘religious criteria’ into the debate.”

Yvon Charbonneau
, Former Canadian Ambassador to the UN, was removed by Canadian PM Paul martin in 2004 and sent to france and to UNESCO.

And just who is Yvon Charbonneau?

Yvon Charbonneau, former Marxist president of the Province of Quebec’s second largest union, has been vociferously outspoken against Jews, both on the homefront and abroad … During his years as union president, Mr. Charbonneau once “accused a prominent Montreal Jewish businessman of being an ‘economic terrorist’.

Bolton sounds like just the guy to kick some ambassador.

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